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  1. khurston

    Christmas spirit jersey

    My daughter really really wants this sweatshirt, and just got a gift card to spend on our trip next month. Anyone have a clue - is there a chance in hell it’ll still be in the parks? Apparently it’s not available online.
  2. khurston

    MDE - can i filter by favorites?

    Good morning! I'm T minus four days to make my dining reservations. I see that there's an option to select a restaurant as a 'favorite' on the dining reservation page of My Disney Experience. Is there any way to produce a list of my favorites? I don't see a filter option, and I can't find...
  3. khurston

    Booking FP+ when changing opening times are expected

    My FP+ window for March opens Tuesday, and making decisions about HS studios is stressing me out. What will the open times be? Will they eventually release FP for the star wars rides? What about the runaway railway? blergh. I've decided that i'll just have to keep an eye on things and...
  4. khurston

    Impact of staying offsite on FP+ options?

    Hey guys - we are starting to get serious about planning March 2016, considering staying offsite this time, but we're not planning the 'throwaway' room reservation. Does anyone have feedback on what impact that has on your FP+ reservations at 30 days out, as opposed to 60 days onsite? How...
  5. khurston

    Parks before checkin?

    Tomorow!!! we've got a very early flight, and we'll have sandals on the ground by 9am. even getting luggage and stopping to pick up a few groceries, we'll probably be arriving at wdw by noon. we've got our magic bands. is there any reason to stop at the resort first, or am i correct that we...
  6. khurston

    Change a FP+ option without changing the whole day?

    I've removed one of my FP+ options to select the MSEP, but when i try to add the parade, it's trying to automate 2 other random rides for me. i've already got my 2 other slots filled and i wasn't planning to start from scratch. is it going to override my old options if i proceed? there's...
  7. khurston

    MSEP not a FP+ option?

    I don't see the parade as one of the choices for our trip the week of March 17? What am I missing?
  8. khurston

    What to expect?

    Is there a post that could get stickied that spells out how this is supposed to work? I should hear this XX days out, I should get this in the mail XX days out, I should be planning how I want to use the thing XX days out and reserving those activities XX days, etc etc etc. I know there's...
  9. khurston

    Wyndham Cypress Palms or Silver Lake Resort?

    Has anyone experience with either of these timeshares? My boss knows I'm a Disney geek, so she's asking which I'd recommend, but we prefer to stay on Disney property. I told her I have no opinion, but I know folks who do! I think they're both in the Kissimmee area. Appreciate any feedback on...
  10. khurston

    Our trip 3/24-3/31 2012

    Sorry - this is ridiculously long... The cast: My husband Chris, daughter Abby (7 yrs old) and me! Live in Mass, flew out of Providence, RI. We flew very early (7:30 AM) and departed very late (6PM) to be able to squeeze a little more time in the parks. We stayed at Port Orleans, French...