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  1. bodie3003

    MK on Saturday, May 24th

    This will be our arrival day. I was originally going to have a group of 7, but my oldest daughter and her family won't be able to make it this year, so it will just be my daughter Jenna (12), my granddaughter Savannah (9, first trip), and me. Since this is Savannah's first visit to WDW, I...
  2. bodie3003

    Check my Epcot plans for Memorial Day

    There will be 7 of us--3 adults, 4 kids--but my son-in-law will be in an ECV. This is what I have planned right now for our 1st of two Epcot days, starting the day at RD: Ride Soarin’ standby. Ride Nemo standby. Visit Living Seas. Visit Club Cool. Ride Gran Fiesta at 11am. Ride Maelstrom...
  3. bodie3003

    Need clarification on our package

    I'm unsure as to which board to post my question on--this one or the dining one--so it won't hurt my feelings at all if this gets moved! I'm traveling to WDW with a good portion of my family in May. There will be 7 of us--3 adults & 4 kids, but two of the kids are Disney adults. I've booked 2...
  4. bodie3003

    AK on Sunday 5-25-14

    This is uncharted territory for me--planning a trip for 7 of us! I need a double-check on my AK plan to see if it needs any changing. My daughter Jenna (12 in April and a Disney pro) and I will be traveling with my oldest daughter Jill and her whole family. So, DD32, DSil31 (he will be in an...
  5. bodie3003

    Supplies for Wyndham Bonnet Creek

    I've looked around all over, and I can't find the answer to my supply questions. We'll be staying at WBC for 9 nights, beginning on May 24th, and I want to be sure we have enough of these silly things. I'll be driving down, so I can bring whatever I need with me. I know this will sound a bit...
  6. bodie3003

    Adding WP&M to Our Tickets

    I already have our tickets for our May trip in hand, purchased from Undercover Tourist--7-day base tickets for my youngest daughter Jenna and me. My middle daughter Audra and her husband Forrest will be joining us for a few days (Florida residents, tickets also already purchased). Audra had to...