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  1. Kasha

    Decorations, Drives, and Drinks - Nov-Dec 2017 Trip

    Hello! Day 1(November 24, 2017): Travel day Our trip started the day after Thanksgiving. Woke up early and left my house at 7:30am. Got to the airport and quickly through security. We planned to use the Air Canada lounge to wait for our flight. The only problem was that we couldn't find it...
  2. Kasha

    FP+ Day - Not bad

    Woke up before 7 and was hitting refresh like a mad woman at 6:59 this morning. I was able to get FOP exactly when I wanted, which is the last day of our 10 day trip. I knew I had a good shot but I was still worried about it. Pretty much got everything else at the times I wanted too. The new...
  3. Kasha

    Desserts, Giraffes, and Humidity - April 18-24

    Hello all! Thank you to everyone here, especially Josh, for sharing so much Disney knowledge. After our November trip I knew I would want to go back to Disney at some point. When the spring room deal came out I casually texted my BF to see if he would be interested in going sooner rather than...
  4. Kasha

    AKL parking

    We have friends who will be meeting us at AKL for lunch. Do they just tell the gate person that they are on my lunch reservation? I've never driven at WDW so I'm completely lost about the parking situation.
  5. Kasha


    This is probably an odd question, but does the Poly sell fresh flower leis? We have friends who will be meeting us for drinks and dinner there our first night and I'd love to give them fresh flower leis. I can always bring silk or kukui nut leis so I'm not looking for those. I know that they...
  6. Kasha

    Changing Rooms at AKL pool?

    I thought I had seen this before but now I'm second guessing myself. Is there a changing room near the AKL pool? Does it have a shower? Or is there just a bathroom?
  7. Kasha

    Space Mountain down mid-April?

    Both of my FP+ for Space Mountain were cancelled April 21 & 22. The Disney site still shows the ride operating those days but I can't make a FP+ selection for Space Mountain on either day. I've redone our selections both days. They rescheduled me initially for Splash Mountain instead. Just...
  8. Kasha

    Family, Fun, and Food; my (late) November trip report

    I started planning for this trip back in 2012. We didn't actually end up going until November 2014. The original cast was me, my mom, my dad, and my grandmother. In 2013 my grandmother fell and broke her leg and my mother found out she had breast cancer. So, the original trip was cancelled...
  9. Kasha

    Our April "We had so much fun we need to go back" Trip

    Hello all! Thanks to this site and everyone who helped with planning we had a great time on our November trip. So, my BF and I are going to go back in April thanks to the Spring room discounts. We'll be staying at AKL April 18-24. Cast is me 37 and BF 41. We're focusing on things we missed in...
  10. Kasha


    I booked us at Jiko on our AK day. Couple of questions for those who have gone. Do we take a bus from AK to AKL? I'm looking at the map and that looks like the only way to get there. And now, most importantly, food questions! Any favorites? Is this the place with the famed bread sampler with...
  11. Kasha

    Poly Wishes viewing?

    So when people say that they watch Wishes from the Poly beach, do they mean the one near where the luau is? Do we just follow that path like we're going to the luau and pick a spot in the sand? Are there chairs, benches? We have a 'Ohana dinner reservation at 8:10 with Wishes at 10 so I thought...
  12. Kasha

    Behind the Scenes Tours?

    Has anyone done the tours that Disney offers? I've heard good things about the Seeds one in Epcot. Any others that are recommended? We just booked at 7 night stay at the end of April 2015 and thought it might be fun for my BF and I to do since we just got back from Disney in November. We're...
  13. Kasha

    Thank you all!

    We had a wonderful vacation. Everyone was very, very impressed with the low crowds (Thanks Josh!) and the Fast Passes and my dining reservations. Ouchy arthritic knees put a stop to a few of our plans so we didn't get everything done but we did most of what was planned and had a wonderful...
  14. Kasha

    Redoing Nov 10 MK plans thanks to `Ohana reservation

    I'm panicking and I know it. I just need to be calm and this will all work out. But I look at the schedule right now and can't even think straight. This is a vacation, not life or death. Everyone will still have a good time. I just need to calm down. (Hopefully writing this all out will help.)...
  15. Kasha

    2 days at EP 11/11 & 11/15

    Late night the evening before with date night. So this is a late start. Tues 11/11 – EP (8-9) Up at 8 Leave CBR at 9 Ride Spaceship Earth (FP+) 10-10:20 Character Spot (FP +) 10:30-10:50 Ride Soarin’ (FP+) 11:00-11:20...
  16. Kasha

    2 days at MK 11/10 & 11/13

    Mon 11/10 – MK (9-7) MVMCP Night, not attending This is our date night. Mom and Dad will head out to one place, the boyfriend and I will go to another. Up at 7 Leave CBR at 8:00 RD MK at 9 Ride Space Mountain 9-9:20...
  17. Kasha

    2 days at HS 11/9 & 11/12

    Late night at MK for Wishes the night before. Sun 11/9 – HS (9-8) Up at 8 Leave CBR 9 Bus to HS Toy Story Mania (FP+) 10-10:20 Voyage of the Little Mermaid 10:30-10:55 Star Tours (FP+) 11:15-11:35 Shop Star Wars area...
  18. Kasha

    2 days at AK 11/8 & 11/14 with evenings at MK

    These are our two AK days. Both evenings we will be heading over to MK. AK is recommended both days. MK is not recommended the first day. MVMCP the second day. We will have two full days in MK as well. Me (37), my boyfriend (42), and Mom (60-something) and Dad (70) None of us have been to AK...
  19. Kasha

    Mid November Trip

    This is a rebooking of a trip that I had planned for last November. Originally it was me, my retired parents, and my grandmother. Due to my grandmother's health and mom's breast cancer treatments (she is doing great now!) we canceled and rebooked for this November. So now it will be me, my...
  20. Kasha

    Initial Thanksgiving - Dec 8 Itinerary

    Hello all! Just wanted to put up our initial itinerary with dining reservations. Just want to see if anything looks really crazy or if I read Josh's calendar wrong. Our cast consists of me and my three retired people Mom, Dad, and Gram. Gram will be in a wheelchair and Mom will have just...