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  1. Snaz

    Free before 3! Our December TR.

    Just catching up. Sounds like a fabulous trip! TFS.
  2. Snaz

    Switching an itinerary using additional FPP?

    I am planning a combined trip between Universal, Kennedy and Disney at the end of April. I’m rethinking my itinerary due to the potential of purchasing additional advance FPP. I’m concerned with too many consecutive early mornings and fitting in our favorites with only four and a half park...
  3. Snaz

    Five Day calendar on MDE

    I'm back into planning mode and getting caught up on the changes in tone regarding crowds as Disney is not putting out schedules early enough, etc. I'm looking in MDE and seeing a "five day" calendar through May 21st. Is this calendar a good tool to use as a baseline for the end of April...
  4. Snaz

    Considering the unknowns at AK and RoL

    I'm trying to decide how long to put off adjusting my FP+. My AK day is the third night of RoL and most recommended, CL5. I have mixed feelings. I'd love to see it, but also worried that what I could accomplish in my original plan of 10:30 to close will take longer. And to make it to RoL...
  5. Snaz

    MK plans - shuffling for BTMRR

    I had another thread going, but the title no longer applies...and of course it's a work in progress. I literally lost sleep over this last night.... :RpS_unsure: I already scored FP+ with my previous plans, so I was trying to adapt. A couple points....we would like to see Frontierland during...
  6. Snaz

    2 Day MK plan - not enough planned?

    2 Day MK plan - how to adjust for BTMRR? I'd appreciate another set of eyes before trying for FP. :RpS_smile: 2 MK days, most recommended CL4 DD11, DS9, DH and myself Day 1 - late arrival 12:30 Splash w/FP 12-1 1:00 Pirates w/FP 1-2 1:30 Treehouse Dole Whip? 2:00 Jungle Cruise w/ FP 2-3...
  7. Snaz

    Disney store online has free shipping today for any order with a new arrival

    ....use shipnew as your promo code.
  8. Snaz

    Any waze users? Star wars voice-guidance

    C-3PO guided me home on my commute last night, warning me of road hazards and calling me his master. It was a kick. :RpS_thumbup: LET C-3PO GUIDE YOUR DRIVE Fluent in "over six million forms of communication," C-3PO guides you on the fastest route as he...
  9. Snaz

    Southwest has some better fares today.

    I was able to change my first leg from Business Select to WGA (they were only available for an hour on release day and I wasn't fast enough). I just saved almost $800. "Black Friday" shopping done. :RpS_thumbsup:
  10. Snaz

    This is making me crazy...

    This is a snapshot of my grid that I use to help make my choices. You could match it up to the schedule I proposed to see that I was picking from the first choice of green for each suggested day. Let's take MK for discussion. There are no three days of MK in a row that line up as...
  11. Snaz

    My first time planning at 180...

    Do I have my ADR priorities in the correct order? BOG 4:30 dinner Ohana 5:00 dinner Mama F! package 6:00 dinner 50s PT 11:00 lunch Boma 6:30 dinner Yak and Yeti 12:30 lunch La Hacienda or Via Napoli dinner 5:30?
  12. Snaz

    New HS plan, DCs surprised me

    I appealed to their sensibilities and asked them to rate their priorities.....and LMA and Frozen are out now. The second one surprised me. But now I don't have a second Tier 2 to spend a FP+ on before we want to try to grab GMR. I'm considering picking one up for Muppets or ToT from...
  13. Snaz

    Is the launch bay a "permanent" attraction...

    ....or just something to line up with the movie release or Season of the Force? I'm wondering if it is something to plan for in April.
  14. Snaz

    HS plan for comments

    Some HS questions..... Anyone pull off a RD to close and not regret it? If we have two TS meals and spend the high heat hours at launch bay will we make it? What to do if we have less than two hours for a break? Is it worth getting out of the park? Ferry to nearby resort for a change of...
  15. Snaz

    MK plan, trying to shift night and day experiences

    I'm trying to make a 2-day MK plan that changes up the time of day that we are in the different lands from our first trip. But the first plan worked so I'm not sure about this..... I appreciate any feedback! Cast will be me, DH, DD11, DS9 First trip, what we did in 2014, off the plan from rain...
  16. Snaz

    for our second trip, thoughts?

    As much as I like to contribute here........I am only as far as planning my family's second trip. :RpS_blushing: Our first trip was a huge success in April 2014 (AoA) doubt because I followed all the advice here. We are going for a week in late April 2016. Cast is me, DH, DS9, DD11 and...
  17. Snaz

    You don't hear that everyday..... (only click the link if you want to read a story about a giant loose snake)
  18. Snaz

    Attention Fashion Mavens: What Color Socks?

    Some are definitely made better than others. You can generally tell which are better quality when the top of your foot is thinner than the sole. Or when the arch has additional support. Here is an Under Armour version: And one from Nike.
  19. Snaz

    How long has there been a drink... the iconic easywdw symbol, rather than just a finger snap? LOL. :RpS_blink: Was this a test? did this happen ages ago and I missed a convo?
  20. Snaz

    A&E standby cut-off and return times issued

    according to temporary tourist....