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    I know nothing about technology. DH, the computer programmer, won a Panasonic Lumix camera at his office party a couple of years ago. It's a pretty sucky camera IMO. I think one setting was in the wrong mode so I have a lot of pictures out of focus and with bad lighting. I stopped using it for a...
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    Floridays - restaurants and things to do

    My sister and a group of her dog show friends will be staying at Floridays for a week. They'll be in classes during the days (she's trying to get certified as a dog show judge) and then going to the big dog show for the weekend. They will probably not spend the $$$ on a park ticket for one...
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    Zappos contest for runDisney events

    For runDisneygirl and anyone else who likes to participate in the runDisney events, if you haven't yet, you can enter to win a trip for a run event from Zappos. I think I'm going...
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    Minecon 2013 in Orlando this Nov.

    So much easyWDW to catch up on! I've been away for months, wasting my time on other non-Disney related sites. Time to get back in the groove. It looks like I am taking DS8 to Minecon in Orlando, Nov. 2-3. It's the Minecraft convention for the game's devotees. I am pretty clueless about the...
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    What's for dinner?

    Tonight it's quick and easy Mexican Pizzas. Both kids have different activities and DH likes to eat by 6:30 so he can heat his up before DS and I get back and DD can eat before she leaves. It's an old WW recipe. Ground turkey, seasoning, refried beans on toasted corn tortilla, baked for a few...
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    Non-WDW summer vacation plans

    Since we can't all be hitting the hot & humid joy that is WDW in the summer, whatchya doing this summer? Where ya goin'? Who's goin'? We (me, DH, DD10 & DS7) are headed to CT in a week to celebrate my sister's 25th anniversary. It's really an excuse for my dad to throw a party. He loves a...
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    Groupon for Zipcar

    There's a great Groupon for Zipcar today. I think it will be available for a few days. Basically you get the registration for free and are pre-paying for $30 of usage. Unfortunately they don't have any cars convenient to WDW. I was planning on using Zipcar in San Francisco this summer instead of...
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    Disney postage stamps

    I just saw a poster at the post office for Disney stamps that will be available June 1. They had Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and I'm too scatter brained to remember the others - maybe Nemo? Cute, cute, cute for those of us who like a special stamp and not just the flag or liberty bell.
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    cruises - not just Disney

    Yesterday I was talking to someone about their DCL cruise on the newest ship over Spring Break. They ended up booking another cruise out of NY for June. On our flight down to Orlando I got into a conversation with the people behind me when they saw me open up my Passporter. They were heading out...
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    chocolate milk

    Here's some Disney dining minutae I need help with. Is there chocolate milk available? at parks? at resorts? at TS restaurants? We've got free dining so DS is getting the kids menu. I made DD an adult for dining. My kids don't drink soda. They drink chocolate milk (DS more so than DD), water (DD...
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    vacation rental sites

    Does anyone have any experience with (timeshare rentals site) I've been looking at each of them while planning a trip to San Francisco for this summer. It seems cheaper to rent a place for a week rather than stay in a hotel. I just need to pay...