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    Anybody see more than 3 FP+ on Mobile App? (Apple)

    This is weird, but potentially awesome! I was logged into WDW site on my work PC yesterday and changed some of the FP+ we have for our upcoming 2/29-3/3 trip to more desirable times. All looked normal on the website on the PC after making the changes. When I got home, I looked at the mobile...
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    Strong opinions (either way) on D. Springs hotels?

    I searched a bit, but let’s be honest, wanted to post my first thread on the new site! Not a full itinerary, since were planning a short trip, but fly from Houston, land MCO late morning 2/29/20, stay three nights, myself, DW, DS14, DD9, DD6. Our first trip back to WDW after several in the...
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    Anyone SUCCESSFULLY used

    Travelzoo "Top 20" email came out with a link to 4 day hopper in July for $2180 (3 adults, 2 kids) whereas WDW site has them listed at $2403, a $223 or 9.3% savings. Did some diligence on google looking for reviews. Several folks upset with one-off purchases for concerts and...
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    What do you do with unused Disney GC Balance?

    We were at DLR earlier in the month, and since I bought tickets off site, and our hotel and flight were on credit card points, my gift card "hoarding" up to the trip this time was only to be used for in-park purchases. Unfortunately (?) we didn't spend through our whole balance as we skipped a...
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    Anyone having trouble with

    We have a DL trip scheduled next weekend and I've compiled enough GCs that I want to consolidate. I loaded 5, transferred balances, but can't delete the ones with zero balance so that I can add more. "Oops, something went wrong. Try again later?!" Annoying. I've called the number on the...
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    Not very Mature.... When she was walking away??? Wow. :RpS_confused:
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    I saw my first one on easywdw today! For some reason, all of the sudden I want to buy a new car battery...
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    Check In Day Early - A poll of sorts

    We will drive from Houston in a couple of weeks and have a long-arranged package, but MAY be in town a day early. I have seen several posts with similar questions about checking in a day early, but am curious: For those who have checked in a day early, what has been your method? Have you...
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    August 2015 Trips - What are your dates?

    To honor DopeyRunr, new thread for those willing to share their dates and details for trips coming up in August 2015 which is in JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!:RpS_biggrin: BDUB32 Family of 5 - first trip to CBR - August 15 arrival - August 21 departure - driving from Houston, TX
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    I just practiced a rope drop!!!.... Discount Tire. Not exactly thrilling. August 16th can't come fast enough, but at least I'm getting in the swing of it! :RpS_lol:
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    Costco Disney Packages? In particular, Swan/Dolphin?

    I searched the forums and didn't hit anything exactly, so thanks for the patience if I missed something. Anyone ever done one of the Costco Travel packages to Disney World? Feedback on that? And, in particular, has anyone done one of these packages and then upgraded a ticket to an AP? Very...