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  1. hizouse

    How does rider switch work with Smugglers Run?

    Ordinarily, rider switch functions basically as an extra FP+ for party #2, and party #2 uses the fastpass queue. But there's no fastpass line at Smugglers Run, or at least the fastpass queue is not being used or staffed there. So how does party #2 "skip" the line at Smugglers Run? Do they have...
  2. hizouse

    Alcoholic beverages at buffets on dining plan?

    Disney's website for the regular DDP says: Each Table-Service meal includes (for lunch or dinner): 1 Entrée 1 Dessert* Nonalcoholic Beverage (or Alcoholic Beverage, for Guests 21 and older) -OR- 1 Full Buffet** or Family-Style Meal I take this to mean that a person with the dinner plan...
  3. hizouse

    Designated waiting areas for Rider Switch?

    Has anyone ever heard of the second party being required to wait anywhere specific when using rider switch? I used rider switch extensively on past trips (most recently in September) and have never been asked to wait anywhere. The official Disney site, which has a long history of inaccurate...
  4. hizouse

    Same FP+ time slots and schedules every day?

    I posted the substance of this question as part of another post in the Touring and Strategy Board, but thought it would fit better here. I ask mostly because I am curious how the system works and not because I think it should affect touring strategy. Do the attractions have the same timeslots...
  5. hizouse

    FP+ Availability as Crowd Predictor?

    Does anyone know, or have an opinion, about whether FP+ availability is an indication of crowd levels? Inside the 60-day window but outside the 30-day window. I need to shuffle our planned park days, thanks to SW Galactic Spectacular no longer being shown nightly and the schedule being posted...
  6. hizouse

    Which day to go to MK, 10/30, 10/31, or 11/1?

    We have a short trip with a 5-year-old and toddler and only 3 day full days in the parks. Which of the following would be the best day to spend in the Magic Kingdom? We would not stay past 7 pm in any event and are not doing MNSSHP. 5-year-old would do all the rides. 10/30 Sunday, Party Day...