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  1. hizouse

    Opinions on AK end of day short visit

    I think so, though it certainly would be nice to have the FOP, Navi, and Safari windows in close succession. Looks like recently the return time has hit 4 pm for the rides at the following times: 11 am - Navi (meaning around 11 am you could pull a Navi G+ reservation with a return time of 4 pm)...
  2. hizouse

    DHS plan feedback need for Aug. 20th trip

    You may not be able to get all of SDD, ToT, MMRR, and MFSR as G+ lightning lane selections, but you've got a decent chance if recent availability is any guide. So much could change, as woodysgirl notes above, and a lot depends on: (1) Does ToT renovation ever get finished and they open all...
  3. hizouse

    Strategies and Questions for Family Trip

    Remy is guaranteed to be on regular G+ only through August 6, which is in the middle of your trip. I don't think they've announced whether it will go back to ILL after then--I'd guess it probably will if they start limiting the number of G+ purchases now that it could sell out. August could also...
  4. hizouse

    July Trip Game Plan Advice

    uber to Swan or Dolphin and walk to International Gateway for rope drop would really help with this plan, too.
  5. hizouse

    I have bought from Gift Card Deal before, and I got my cards after 30 days--but I've stayed away since, convinced it's a scam that will eventually come crashing down. That may be happening now, as they're lately taking 35-45 days (I've also seen this in a facebook group) and only sending the...
  6. hizouse

    Flying Fish

    No reason to be sorry! I'm sorry if I offended.
  7. hizouse

    July Trip Game Plan Advice

    For Day 1 it will be tough to get all the LL you are hoping for: You'd have to get Slinky first thing and then hope to get MMRR 2 hours after park open (I think, but don't know, it would be 2 hours after DHS and not Epcot opens), and it might not be available then on a busy day. Day 2, either...
  8. hizouse

    Halloween party??

    No one knows. No party in 2020, modified event in 2021, back to normal (maybe) in 2022. I doubt changes in the other parks will be noticeable on party days.
  9. hizouse

    Help with planning 3 day park hopper

    Thanks. I made a small donation to the Cast Member Pantry in your honor, though I forgot to actually tell them it was in your honor.
  10. hizouse

    Help with planning 3 day park hopper

    @bnoble I owe you a Mickey Bar. I will next be at WDW the week before Xmas if you want to collect in person. I am also happy to paypal or send a check to you (I don't have venmo). I will also claim victory for predicting that _something_ would happen with the less popular ILLs. Yes, that's what...
  11. hizouse

    AgentP Trip Report with Genie+

    Thanks for the report. So that's 9 G+ rides (+ 7DMT ILL), not getting 5 highish-priority rides in Splash, Space, Pan, JC, and Pirates, but doing 3 of those at rope drop or in first hour, plus 5 other standby rides or attractions. I'd consider that a great day!
  12. hizouse

    Special Tax District repealed

    Also, it would be a nightmare for Orange County on a number of fronts, but I'd wager that they can figure out how to put the burden of any indebtedness assumed by the county on Disney one way or another. WSJ notes: If the district is dissolved, that debt would become the responsibility of the...
  13. hizouse

    Special Tax District repealed

    There's an existing law that says this is the case for all of these special districts, but the law passed today tries to bypass this, which it might not be able to do. From...
  14. hizouse

    Purchasing Genie +

    Raising the price may indeed be a good idea. I still would fault them for not fixing the app or encouraging a 7 am rush. btw, I am going to lose our bet about Disney allowing more than 2 ILL purchases, now that the 3 (4, once Expedition Everest reopens) least popular ILLs have been shifted to...
  15. hizouse

    Purchasing Genie +

    There's a bit of tension between the recent "Disney fans have reached their breaking point" articles and "There's too much demand!" It may be that a lot of recent visitors don't intend to go back, but as long as the parks are full and people are buying G+, what's Disney's incentive to change...
  16. hizouse

    Party size, include baby?

    I had one hostess not look too happy just once when I had a baby not included in my party size--I may have the reservation that way due to finding availability for 4 but not 5. But we were quickly accommodated, and I've never had any other friction. I figure if we are using the same table and...
  17. hizouse

    What would Josh do? DHS May 2 days? LL a possiblity for RISE

    Looks good to me. When does DHS open that day? I would get to Skyliner maybe 1.5 hours before early entry starts or a little later if you are at Caribbean Beach (Pop, AoA, and Riviera riders have to transfer cars at CBR to get to DHS). How quickly you get to Rise determines a lot about how the...
  18. hizouse

    Josh's Obituary Announcement

    Oh no. Thank you for letting us know, Bronwen. Your family is in my prayers.
  19. hizouse

    Genie + / LL / ILL how to’s

    If park reservations are wide open, you can set your park reservation to a dummy park, make your first G+ selection at 7 am in your "real" (no park reservation yet attached) park to ensure a post-2 pm time, and then switch your park reservation to the real park. Or wait to switch your park...