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  1. runDisneygirl

    adding a day question/RFID

    My DD has a 4 day pass from UT, and I need to add 1 day. I have an AP. I'm planning on adding the 1 more day on our second day of our trip, at Epcot. Conveniently, where the Odyssey is. My question is: when I add her 1 more day, will they automatically change her ticket to an RFID ticket...
  2. runDisneygirl

    Dole Whip, with rum!!

    Did you see this? Disney food blog just posted this special food item, among others, to debut at the flower & garden festival!! I'll still bring my flask to MK though. J/K!!!
  3. runDisneygirl

    Happy vacation Josh

    Still bummed you can't join me for dinner though. DH was let go as part of "restructuring" at his (former) place of employment, so I'm not sure when I'll be back to WDW again for a solo, drinking, fun-without-the-kids-trip. My attempt at 5 years in a row at F&WF is not looking hopeful...
  4. runDisneygirl

    Germany village for F&WF

    OK, so I know they change the little village for the spring flower and garden festival and for the fall food and wine. But I forgot to look at it this year!! I was searching for photos of the Goofy marathon medal, and came across this blog and photo with this caption: From the looks of...
  5. runDisneygirl

    Does this look OK for first-timers?

    This trip is for my friend, her husband, and daughter. First trip, birthday trip (daughter), and likely their only trip. No pressure or anything..... :RpS_wink: They're driving from Arkansas, staying at All Star Music QS free dining (only 1 TS OOP scheduled, so their winging it for QS...
  6. runDisneygirl

    Thanksgiving advice

    I'm fortunate to have seen and done all that WDW offers. Literally. Our kids are lucky that they've been 6 times and are willing to pass on certain things as well. I've never been to WDW during a holiday though, so this is all new to me. I'm also trying to go with an every-other-day...
  7. runDisneygirl


    Finally decided to join after months and months of reading posts and faithfully following Josh's blog. Just can't find this kind of humor and such anywhere else, and it's right where I belong! Hi everyone! :wave: