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  1. tlseege

    4 Parks 1 Day

    Well, it's official that we will be trying a four parks in one day challenge. Yes I'm insane, yes it's dumb, yes it's a waste of time and money and blah blah blah. I get it. But I want to do it. It'll be my family of four (7 & 3 dd) and my parents. September 28th, crowd level 3, three...
  2. tlseege

    Rider Switch at the end of the month

    Does anyone know how the Rider Switch tickets work at the end of the month? In the past I've gotten the Rider Switch passes in the middle of the month. They are good until the last day of the month. For example, I got a Test Track Rider Switch pass on 11/14/2015. It said it was good until...
  3. tlseege

    The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

    Could it be coming back?!!?!? I don't remember it ever saying in the past that it's in the Muppet Courtyard... and then it says "Starting at __ for a one-day ticket." Hmmmm.
  4. tlseege

    MNSSHP September 15th or 18th?

    I'm looking at a short trip September 15th-19th. We would arrive around noon on the 15th. We leave very early in the morning on the 19th. So do we go the night of the 15th and risk that we're tired from traveling? Or do we go the 18th and hope we can sleep on the flight home?? Josh, which...
  5. tlseege

    MK Cheat Sheet Question

    Josh, may I ask why Haunted Mansion isn't listed in your wait times on the cheat sheet? Is it always the same throughout the day or something?
  6. tlseege

    Mommy & Me Trip - Jan 2013

    I've never written a trip report before, but with new Fantasy Land and a quick trip it seemed like a great time to start! Hi, I'm Trisha. I will turn 28 the day we leave for Disney (Wednesday). I have always liked Disney, but in September when we took our daughter for the first time, I have...
  7. tlseege

    MK Jan 25th Help

    Good morning! We'll be going to MK on January 25th. It's the most recommended park with a crowd level of 2. Anyway, I'm wondering if the path in the new Fantasy Land is open to the Circus area. The maps we received in the mail have the path being open, however I know some people have said...
  8. tlseege

    The Dragon

    Alright... what is this dragon? The new post on the Disney Parks blog has me all kinds of curious.
  9. tlseege

    Hollywood Studios 9/20

    Is this Hollywood Studios plan realistic? 9/20, crowd level 1, 2nd most recommended park 8:45 "rd" TSM Buzz & Woody autographs RR Fastpasses (10:25 return time??) 9:30 Little Mermaid show (what the heck should we do here??) 10:30 Disney Junior Live on Stage RR with FP Monster's Inc Characters...
  10. tlseege

    Animal Kingdom 9/18

    Good morning! Just thought I'd run my AK plan past the experts :) 8:00 leave the room at POR to head for the bus stop 9:00 RD EE (child swap) KS Pangani Wildlife Express Train: Africa Station Maharajah Jungle Trek 11:45 am Finding Nemo: The Musical TriceraTop Spin Flame Tree Barbeque It's...
  11. tlseege

    Magic Kingdom Advice with a Toddler

    Hi gang! We'll be at Magic Kingdom on September 17th with my three year old daughter. I know, I know, it's a red day... like, as bright red as red can be. However we're traveling with a group of 19 and they ultimately won the battle and choose MK as our first park. We don't plan on touring...