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  1. Half Man Half Biscuit

    UK Free Dining for 2020 now live

    For those that have the patience to outlast the queuing system free dining offers for 2020 are now available to book for UK guests (At one point I was 25,000th in the queue when trying to check prices again this afternoon) While still a great offer the availability of free dining rooms is...
  2. Half Man Half Biscuit

    4 parks 1 day. Which FP?

    We're planning a 4 park day for the last full day of our next trip. The broad plan is MK -> Monorail -> Epcot -> Walk - HS -> Bus -> AK For each park we're planning on meeting Mickey and riding a "big" ride (as well as icon photos, pressed pennies) How would you plan FP? MK is an 8am open so...
  3. Half Man Half Biscuit

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Uzima Pool Refurb

    We just received an email from Disney this afternoon informing us that the Uzima Pool and pool bar would be closed throughout our stay Obviously not ideal After a lengthy call to Disney we've been moved to a Saratoga Springs 1 Bed. It looks like we'll be visiting Disney Springs a lot more than...
  4. Half Man Half Biscuit

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Cashless Trial

    It seems that the announced cashless trial is already intended as a more permanent addition. We received an amended invoice from Disney this afternoon with additional information for our October stay "During your stay, all purchases and services made at Jambo House will only be handled with...
  5. Half Man Half Biscuit

    Dining Plan Changes?

    Admin on the DIBB has posted about changes coming to the 2018 dining plan - namely the inclusion of alcohol as choice of accompanying drink I haven't seen this posted or confirmed anywhere else but he doesn't have a history of making uneducated guesses - there's usually a basis of fact in his...
  6. Half Man Half Biscuit

    UK Free Dining 2018 packages now available to book

    While not relevant to most of you it still might be of interest to see what's on offer in the UK. The free dining offer for 2018 bookings has arrived a few weeks earlier than normal. It's the usual DDP for deluxe resorts, QSDP for moderates and "breakfast" for value resorts (in reality this is...
  7. Half Man Half Biscuit

    Big Thunder Mountain Refurb moved back

    I was moving some April fastpasses around and noticed that Big Thunder Mountain is listed as standby only on days it was originally scheduled to be closed. It looks like the closure has been moved back to 8th August
  8. Half Man Half Biscuit

    2016 UK free dining offers out soon

    Just in case it's of interest free dining will be available to book in the UK from Thursday 23rd April. Some agents are quoting already but not available to book just yet. The offer looks even better than previous years Free breakfast at values (exc AoA Little Mermaid) Free QSDP at moderates...