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  1. TiggerGirl

    Change to Park Hours - change to plans?

    Hello! Disney has announced changes to hours at HS through 2/2. We are visiting through 2/15 and of course we have our dining and FP already in place. We are going to try to get a boarding pass for ROTR so we will be there at 7am and I know that process (thanks Josh!) but should I just leave...
  2. TiggerGirl

    New AP holder

    Hey Folks! I have my first ever AP in my sweaty little palms and our first park day is HS. I guess I just like doing things the hard way. To avoid any additional, needless stress what do I need to know/do to to get my pass going. I have the little green card to exchange for an actual pass -...
  3. TiggerGirl

    Magica Express

    Hello! We leave for Disney Feb 1 and for some reason I forgot to reserve Magical Express!! So I just did it yesterday (Jan 1) and in my confirmation email it says at 40 days out they will send the luggage tags and it takes 10 business days to receive them. Am I good? Will they arrive in time...
  4. TiggerGirl

    Gondolas, DVC and WWJD Thread :)

    Hello All! I hope this finds you all doing swimmingly and enjoying the Spring where ever it may find you. We're JUST getting hints on it now on the NH Seacoast so I'm loving the 70 degree days and 52 degree nights! Anyway - BF wants to do 14 days at Disney next year. We have a window of...
  5. TiggerGirl

    ROL - one and done?

    Hello! We did ROL last year and I kind of don't want to go again this year. I didn't enjoy it enough to sit on those concrete benches (and if they weren't concrete they certainly weren't pillows) Has anything changed since January 2018?
  6. TiggerGirl

    Vertigo and Rollercoaster

    Hello! 19 days till Disney and I got Vertigo for the first time today. Hooray! I'm not seeking medical advice but rather personal experience from folks who have had Vertigo (BPPV) and then gone on rollercoasters. Extra credit for Rockin Rollercoaster ;) This morning I was feeling like I never...
  7. TiggerGirl

    To AP or not to AP - that is the question

    Hello! I'm deciding whether or not it's a good idea to get an AP for our trip in January....if I may - I have some questions: 1. If I buy tickets from UT - I should buy as many days as I need so I can book FP+ at my 60 day mark. With that done - I can go any day of my trip to upgrade to...
  8. TiggerGirl

    Questions about an upcoming DVC rental

    Howdy! I'm sorry I am not active in this forum anymore but I still find it's my #1 go to whenever I do get lucky enough to get back home. This time we have a split stay at Beach Club and BLT. We rented points through David's for BLT. I have a few questions: 1. Is it still a coffee pot or...
  9. TiggerGirl

    Purchase Base tickets for UCT...upgrade to Hopper on site?

    Hello! UCT has a sick deal going on right now - If I buy base tickets from them - can I upgrade to hoppers once I'm on site? Hope ya'll are doing well! We're not going till January again but I have to space out my purchases to afford them :) TTFN!
  10. TiggerGirl

    pictures missing from a share

    hello - this share has been a nightmare and now i have three days before the pics start expiring....and all my ride photos are missing :( and those are the best ones! they appear in my account - with the watermark on them - but not in the dummy account. I was about to fill out the Lost Photos...
  11. TiggerGirl

    8pm Fireworks at HS and 8:45 ADR at Boathouse

    ....can it be done? Should I Uber from HS to DS? If so does anyone have an Uber code they want to share - I've never used it but understand I can get a significant discount for my first time and you get it too.
  12. TiggerGirl

    Ride videos without MM?

    Do you get to view the ride videos without MM? I believe the photos are there with the beautiful Photopass watermark. TIA!
  13. TiggerGirl

    Gaston times?

    Hello! I've made a tshirt that says Gaston's Girlfriend for myself as inspiration to actually meet him this time - I always miss him! I was planning on being there at 10am but since our first FP is 9:25 at PoC it makes more sense to do JC rather than walk all the way over to NFL - so I see he...
  14. TiggerGirl

    How many MagicBands are too many?

    Hello! I have two sets of MB's because of our split stay. I'm going to get a Disney Alumni band at Homecoming when I arrive and I have a Tigger MB I'd like to connect because well it's Tigger and I've already had it over a year and would like to use it before it dies. Is four too many to have...
  15. TiggerGirl

    Room Requests

    Hello! Any particular room requests you'd advise for CR or YC? There aren't many choices on the online check in but YC does offer a water view - anyone know if that would look at EP? There used to be a # you could fax requests to - anyone have that info?
  16. TiggerGirl

    This sound about right?

    Okay I'm way out of practice and super rusty - but here goes. Your input is valuable and appreciated! So we're arriving late January 18th - and the reason we're going these dates is Disney Alumni Homecoming is January 19-21 so there are certain things I "have" to do because of the weekend even...
  17. TiggerGirl

    Long Time No ....anything lol

    Howdy Folks! It's been a loooooooooong time - 6, 7 months? I haven't been to WDW in so long and I'm so rusty and I have to book FP+ in 5 days lol so HELP! :) Please :) What's new? Do I need a dinner package for ROL still? Where should we eat in Pandora? Two 1/2 days in AK to get both...
  18. TiggerGirl

    Tusker House ROL 1st Show

    Hello - Friends have an ADR for Tusker House ROL "First Show" on May 21st but the hours for the park only show a show at 9:15 - is that they're show or is their show sold out and this is the only one available? TIA
  19. TiggerGirl

    FINALLY going back :)

    Hello! The Disney College Program Alumni have announced their 2018 Homecoming weekend for January 19-21st! OMG and Hurrah! I'm being laid off from my current job in two weeks but already have a new job and have told them I need January 18-28th off I'm going for a loooooooooooong time :) And...
  20. TiggerGirl

    Stupid Hollywood Studios

    is this possible? half group go to RnR and ToT at RD other half go to TSMM at RD Meet up at Disney Jr live on stage for 9:40 show With tier one including B&B, GMR, RnR and TSMM how the heck are you supposed to get anything done lol