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  1. MrFredricksen

    Are people booking FP+

    I just looked at my reservations and my ADRs are still there. They said that are cancelling "all", I assume that means all of them regardless of how far out they are. If they do reopen ADRs at the 60 day mark and FP+ come back online also on the 60 day mark, we will then be faced with having...
  2. MrFredricksen

    Are people booking FP+

    That is where I am. I usually put a lot of effort into planning and don't want to do that for nothing. Also hard to do if my timing is all off because lines move slower due to sanitizing and less capacity per car/boat etc. Not to mention if I have to reserve a park and wind up not getting the...
  3. MrFredricksen

    Are people booking FP+

    Our trip is at the end of August and of course we aren't 100% certain we going. Our FP+ day is in a month and we haven't done any planning. Should we? Are people planning and booking FP+? We aren't even sure our ADRs are going to be good if they limit capacity. What are people doing?
  4. MrFredricksen

    August 2020 Disney World Vacation???

    Our trip is end of August and we aren't cancelling until we have to. That being said, even if they are open, if we have to wear a mask we aren't going. It is August in Florida, with the heat, I can barely breath in normal conditions, no chance I am wearing a mask.
  5. MrFredricksen

    Free dining?

    I just looked at 2019, and it seemed that they also offered it in Jan for summer dates and didn't offer it again. I might be out of luck. Fingers crossed now for a room discount of some sort.
  6. MrFredricksen

    Free dining?

    We always go over the end of the summer and typically get free dining. The free dining "had" been released in April for our dates in Aug/Sep. I heard that they released free dining back in January. Will they release it again or did we miss it? Will they offer percent off discounts? Right...
  7. MrFredricksen

    Lower priced TS locations

    We just booked a trip for the end of the summer. We always have free dining but someone said that they released this back in January and they might not offer it again for our dates. That means we will be paying out of pocket. Since we always have free dining, I never really considered the...
  8. MrFredricksen

    Space 220

    Does it have a menu yet? What about ADRs for the summer?
  9. MrFredricksen

    Spaceship Earth?

    I don't think it needs an update at all. It is a classic (if something this new can be considered a classic). If they haven't updated "Carousel of Progress" they don't have to update Spaceship Earth. I like it just the way it is. Don't get rid of things. Don't change things. Build new. We...
  10. MrFredricksen

    Tour recommendations

    We did the EPCOT tour of world showcase many years ago. I highly recommend it. This tour did not really ruin any of the magic or given hidden secrets. We learned a lot about the layouts, the designs and the culture for each country. It was done early enough in the morning and ended around...
  11. MrFredricksen

    Paper Straws. Not a fan

    Just got back and I have to say the paper straws were not optimal. At most meals we stopped getting them and drank right from the cup/glass. That hard things were milk shakes and frozen Starbucks drinks etc. The paper straws did not hold up. We would have to use several to get through the...
  12. MrFredricksen

    I planned too well

    We just got back and something happened that I never thought was possible. Thanks to everyone here, I planned too well! When we checked in at the hotel, there was an issue (minor if you ask me). But, the hotel manager felt bad and as a result gave us each 3, any time, any ride FP+ for our...
  13. MrFredricksen

    GE virtual line

    Here now. Had something in the room yesterday when we got back saying that GE will have a virtual line. I assume that is similar to what Disneyland had. I didn’t really read it because we have no plans of being anywhere near studios for the rest of our trip. The idea of what I did read is that...
  14. MrFredricksen

    Covered tap styles

    At Epcot at 8:15. Lines about 20 people deep. Went to a covered one in typical easy wdw style. CM said to get off that line. That they won’t be opening any of the closed ones because they are under staffed. Interesting. Got on the line right next to a covered one just to be safe. Has this...
  15. MrFredricksen

    Buffet tips

    What do most people tip their servers at the buffets? Do you tip a normal 20% like you would in a restaurant where they take your order and bring you food, or do you give less since they only take a drink order? Family of 4 eating at Chef Mickey, 20% tip comes in at around $40. Seems like a...
  16. MrFredricksen

    Visitor Toll Pass

    Anyone rent a car and use the Visitor Toll Pass? Did you like it?
  17. MrFredricksen

    AK Plan concerns

    So I think I padded my AK plan too much. I also just found out that Primeval Whirl is closed when we are there so now I have a big hole in things. And oddly enough with tons of padding and this hole I still can't fit in the 3 shows we want to see (missing FotLK). Please help Details - Date is...
  18. MrFredricksen

    Anyone use Advantage rental car?

    Has anyone ever used Advantage rental car? They are located in the Orlando terminal and have the best price for our trip. I just never heard of them before so I am a little concerned.
  19. MrFredricksen

    Kids alone

    My kids will be 17 and 14 for our upcoming trip. They have been to Disney probably about 8 times (if not more) and know the lay of the land. What is everyone's opinion on letting them go to the parks earlier one day by themselves and then we meet up with them around lunch? Would you do it...
  20. MrFredricksen

    Tower of Terror Refurb

    A few questions on the ToT refurb. First that I am hearing it is running at half capacity because of the refurb. But then I heard 2/3rd capacity. Basically there are 3 elevators and while 1 is being worked on the other 2 are open. Is that accurate or is it really half closed (only 1...