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  1. Nia

    universal hotels for one night

    I am looking at booking for one night at Universal hotel for next summer. HRH is 70 euro more than RPR for one night, and I am tempted to book RPR for first time. Any opinions on either hotel? My family loves the theme at HRH and not sure if it's worth booking the cheaper if they will be...
  2. Nia

    Summer is our only option - late June vs first few weeks of August

    We are looking into 2020 trip My son will be in secondary school and our only option really is between Mid June to early August. Last two weeks of June flights cost over 1000 euro cheaper mainly as most schools finish end of June. Is there big difference between last two weeks of June and...
  3. Nia

    help me choose WDW moderate resort

    We are thinking of booking for next year as dinning deals are released early, and finish early in UK & Ireland . Any info on how renovations are going at CBR and CSR? Would the option to take to skyliner from CBR make it more appealing? We would like good food court. The last time we stayed...
  4. Nia

    On my own evening theme park visit?

    No I am not scared. I am trying to pick one! We have 5 pm reservation at Ohana and the guys want to do VR gaming at SSR from 7. Trying to decide between Epcot or MK. Which one would you pick if going on your own
  5. Nia

    Toy story ride situation for this week?

    Is the ride open? Do the have same day fast passes?
  6. Nia

    what are are the chances of Disney increasing operating hours on DAH day?

    I have tickets for 30th of June, the operating hours at until 10 pm, DAH 10 to 1 AM . They have increases hours on many days same week up to 12 pm. If they do that, it will be a big bummer for us as my DS won't last as long at all. 12 to 3 pm is really too late for him. Any experience with this?
  7. Nia

    Disney after hours & dessert party?

    Currently I have Disney After Hours on Saturday and dessert party in MK on Sunday. Should I cancel the dessert party and book it on same day as DAH?
  8. Nia

    Disney after hours

    It sounds fun and I am tempted - any feedback on the event?
  9. Nia

    4th July AK, tiffins RoL & 3 fp+?

    Currently park schedule is to close at 9 pm RoL scheduled for 9:15 I want to do FoP, Kilimanjaro and either Everest or Kali rapids What time would you do the ADR for Tiffins and fast passes?
  10. Nia

    RoL - dinning package vs fast pass

    Any preference?
  11. Nia

    FP+ window today - app vs website?

    I will be booking for 14 days today. Would you go for the app or website? I have double screen office set up and I am thinking website would be quicker/easier. What would you do?
  12. Nia

    best use of EMH - summer 2018?

    Any tips on making most of EMH?
  13. Nia

    Recent reviews of my ADR choices?

    Few places we haven't been to and I am thinking about trying this June. Any opinions? Liberty Tree tavern Boma Chef Art Smiths Tiffins Sci Fi We will be on DDP for 16 days, if you were very impressed with any meals, 1 or 2tc please share your recommendations we are also trying California...
  14. Nia

    4th of July fireworks - suggestions from where to watch them

    I can book ADRs today and I was thinking to keep 4th of July for AK and perhaps seeing MK 4th of July fireworks on 3rd. So far I am thinking either DR in MK and try to book dessert package, or just get on with the crowds or book ADR at Ohana and see them at the breach. Will we be ok to stay...
  15. Nia

    MK Fireworks Dessert Party?

    Plaza garden viewing vs Tomorrow land. We actually enjoyed the plaza garden viewing location more when they had it as fp+ area, but for some reason the package is cheaper. Which one would you go for?
  16. Nia

    Nearest publix to SSR or AKL?

    What publix would you go to if you are staying at AKL or SSR?
  17. Nia

    Changing planning style - I am having a mental block

    Changing planning style - more relaxed plans My ARD window will open next month. I have Josh/Dave's new book and historic crowd levels from touringplans and the dibb. Usually by this time I would have some sort of plan and ADR wishlist but I am struggling to start for next year. We were at...
  18. Nia

    Epcot TS

    I removed signatures from the list, Teppan Edo as we didn't enjoy it, Coral Reef - good meal but don't plan to return next trip we loved Tutto Italia and enjoyed Biergaten but open on trying something new Which two would you choose? We have ddp but don't worry about maximizing value. The...
  19. Nia

    FP+ 60 days for offsite hotels??

    "While Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Guests (and those at the Swan and Dolphin) have been able to book FastPass + reservations for 60 days prior to their visit, it now seems that Disney will roll-out the same benefit to multiple Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels, including those on Hotel...
  20. Nia

    Cali Grill Brunch on HS day?

    I would love CG brunch for celebration of my 40th birthday next year. It's only on Sundays making it little hard to plan for. I was thinking perhaps going to HS EMH and using our fast passes between 9 and 11:30 and getting the new Disney uber style service to the contemporary for brunch after...