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  1. ThemeParkCommando

    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    watched Hamilton last night for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I'm sure it is much better in person at the live theater, but the performances were amazing. I was enjoying the attention they paid to having a really diverse vocabulary. While I'm not a fan of rap style music, it was...
  2. ThemeParkCommando

    Rant thread

    The fireworks started around June 19th, for the people celebrating Juneteenth. We had quite a few going off that night around my house. There was a little lull with just a few noisy nights between then and starting around July 1st. Then we had fireworks every night so far. The heated...
  3. ThemeParkCommando

    Goodbye, Splash!

    I'm just hoping there's a good section themed as bayou, with 'Gonna take you there' playing with Ray and all his family singing. Love that zydeco music! and I just love that bug. Just an aside, when I was at Port Orleans Riverside in 2014, I scared a CM when he showed me the resort pin for...
  4. ThemeParkCommando

    Park Pass Reservations

    I didn't even try until noon yesterday. It took about 35 minutes to get past the pink castle. Once I was in, there were no issues booking our December trip. But then, i had a simple room + tickets booking to work with, with my son's reservations already linked to my own.
  5. ThemeParkCommando

    What's your "I'm a WDW dork" thing?

    I broadcast Disney trivia to my friends and family, unasked. Anything I learn about new attractions or movies, when to watch livestreams, whatever I think is interesting to know. My daughter knows more about Star Wars from my Disney ramblings, than from watching any movie.
  6. ThemeParkCommando

    Are people booking FP+

    My trip is in December, so I'm not even at the ADR stage yet. Coming in June for me. I'm just going to book ADR's as normal, if they are available to be booked at all. If I were thinking of booking FP+, I would be calculating half the normal capacity for the ride, and increasing the time...
  7. ThemeParkCommando


    One of mine is 'it's a mute point'. It's 'moot'! I don't think a point has the ability to be mute. I do think the mutation of the word 'sandwich' is fun to follow. In my family, it's not even being passed down consistently. I will say 'sammich' more often than not, but my daughter says...
  8. ThemeParkCommando

    Keeping busy at home

    Once every 6 months. I put them in the bathtub with liquid laundry detergent ( only about 1/4 the recommended amount) and hand wash them. Then I drain the tub, squeeze the pillows and rinse twice, once with the tub full of water, the 2nd time with the hand held sprayer, each pillow...
  9. ThemeParkCommando

    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    I would suggest a nice dog from the hound group. Hounds like any of the coonhounds ( Redbone, Bluetick, Black and Tan) are good long distance runners, can keep up with a human at a trot and are very connected to their people. If your kids really like the looks of the northern breeds, look...
  10. ThemeParkCommando

    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    Did you ask which one of them was going to take the dog for it's daily 5 mile run? Those dogs will not be good housepets, due to the amazing metabolism they have. Bred to live outside in the cold of the far north, they use an insane amount of calories just staying warm, not to mention pulling...
  11. ThemeParkCommando

    Favorite Candy?

    This made me grab a bag of frozen pecans from my fridge, and make a quick batch of chocolate covered pecans. I don't have any caramel atm, and didn't want to take the time to make it. .. but YUM, dark chocolate sea salt pecans are still good!
  12. ThemeParkCommando

    Favorite Candy?

    That is what they look like. Beware, they are sweetened with xylitol ( like most gum these days), and are deadly to your pets if they accidentally get hold of them. I usually keep these in my desk at work. Now, I keep them in my dog free master bedroom, in the medicine cabinet so they are as...
  13. ThemeParkCommando

    Favorite Candy?

    Favorite Chocolate is Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, at least 75% dark. Favorite fruity candy is Sour Starburst mini bites, or anything with a tart orange flavor, like Cool Orange Ice Cube gum, or Jolly Rancher orange.
  14. ThemeParkCommando


    I hear you, MomofPirates. I am also concerned about the economy and the impact on lives that aren't due directly to the virus, but indirectly. There has been one murder-suicide caused by people believing they were exposed, and they didn't even wait for the test results. How many others will...
  15. ThemeParkCommando

    Your perfect theme park day?

    I think my perfect day right now would be in Hollywood Studios. My hubby is a huge Star Wars fan and I'm a middling one. We'd RD the park, and we always stay ALL day at each park we visit, since we only manage to get to WDW once every 5 years or so. I'd RD and go: RotR MFSR RotR MFSR hang out...
  16. ThemeParkCommando

    Max Goof.

    Back in 2014 I was able to meet Max at a characterpalooza in EPCOT.
  17. ThemeParkCommando

    If you had you be evacuated from one ride...

    I'd like to be evacuated from Spaceship Earth or Dinosaur. Not seen those up close yet. Can you imagine having to evacuate Kilimanjaro Safari on foot? I bet they'd evacuate the animals first.
  18. ThemeParkCommando

    Rant thread

    OH no! Don't do that. This is the rant thread, all ranting is welcome.. Just expect some reaction ranting back. It's not personal. :p
  19. ThemeParkCommando

    Rant thread

    We all can probably expect more of that, since the public internet systems are going to be stressed with everyone working or schooling with Zoom or other video chats from home, or streaming videos and movies. I can't even imagine the amount of traffic. For my area in San Antonio, we seem to...
  20. ThemeParkCommando


    Here's a link from a group I usually trust to report solid facts. They say they will update daily at 3pm. ARS Technica