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  1. magic1106

    Star Wars/Harry Potter last minute planning

    I’m sure all of you have had this happen before. Friends just contacted me asking for help with their Orlando trip this September. Details: Husband and wife-no kids Arriving afternoon Friday, 9/6 Leaving early Tuesday, 9/10 Staying at the Ritz Carlton Orlando Want to do single days at US for...
  2. magic1106

    Private message?

    Did anyone else get a private message from Daviderani re: Don’t know if it’s legit so not clicking the link.
  3. magic1106

    Disney Ink

    Hi all! It has been quite a while since I have been active on here. Life has been difficult/busy/depressing? I’m not sure which would describe it better. Let’s just say we have been through some things that have prevented a trip to my happy place and it will be a while before we will make it...
  4. magic1106

    Fort Wilderness or Offsite

    So, my plans have changed once again. My husband's Fantasy Football league is contemplating holding the draft in Orlando next year. One of the members now lives there. Of course my husband is not going to Orlando without me and there is no way we can go to Orlando and not go to WDW or...
  5. magic1106

    Pet Friendly Rentals

    Has anyone ever stayed in an off-site house rental near WDW that was pet friendly? As much as I prefer onsite, our pooch does not handle us being away very well so this may be our only option next time. We were thinking about POFQ for Sept 2016, so we are looking in the moderate price range...
  6. magic1106

    AvatarLand article
  7. magic1106

    DMR-Tomorroland Pin

    I posted this is another thread but was afraid people might miss it. DMR has the Tomorrowland pin for 500 points
  8. magic1106

    Disney Poster Magnets

    Found this site through my local drive-in. These are really neat magnets from the original movie posters: Somewhere, in our movie going experience, we've had the pleasure of watching a Walt Disney movie. Walt Disney movies were and are a unique visual experience that entertains both young and...
  9. magic1106

    Google Earth/Maps Universal Construction

    Reading an article about the new US water park and the Nintendo theme park possibilities made me interested in looking at their footprint and seeing what kind of land Universal has available to expand. Using Google Maps and Google Earth I can see the construction for the water park. According...
  10. magic1106

    Thinking About POFQ for 2016

    I am recovering from/still processing our 4 generation trip, 4/22-4/30. Without going into too much detail, IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I came home feeling like I hadn't even been to WDW. To help me get past it, I have started planning another trip. It will just be me, my husband, our daughter, and...
  11. magic1106

    Any Other Vegans Out There?

    I am wondering if there are any other vegans on this site that I can discuss restaurant hits/misses, suggestions, hints, hidden gems with. We just got back from our trip and while I had some really good food, some chefs offered me the same options over and over. My best meal was lunch at Le...
  12. magic1106

    Resort Recreation Map

    Does anyone know where I can download April's resort recreation map for OKW? Kenny's site still has March and I am having no luck with Google. Thanks!
  13. magic1106

    Need help w/MM share

    I'm having difficulties connecting my family on our MM share. I have followed the steps as described by DopeyRunr but after accepting the invitation, my family members disappear from the shared dummy account. I also can not send an invite to my nephew, he's 3. Any suggestions, ideas?
  14. magic1106

    April Trip-Advice Prioir to Making FP/Itinerary

    I'm a little late making my FP selections, so wish me luck. Dates: Wed 4/22-Thurs 4/30 Resort: OKW studio and 2bdr unit--room only, no DP Tickets: 6 day MYW from UT, will upgrade to what we need at the time(WP, PH, extra days) Flight: SW arrival @ 3:15pm, taking ME Characters: Mom, 68, bad...
  15. magic1106

    Anyone from the Farmington, Maine area?

    This is not a fun or happy read nor has it been verified by any news source. Right now my daughter is just hearing stories from her best friend. I apologize if anything I state is non-factual, or offensive; but this is what I belive to be the story at this time. Apparently a 13 year old girl...
  16. magic1106

    Southwest airfare price decrease

    The price for our flight home is on sale for $18 less than when we booked. Not a huge amount, but the credit would be nice to have for our next flight. The problem is I have never done this before. Do I call SW? Will they charge a fee to talk to a live person? These were "wanna get away" fares...
  17. magic1106

    Thinking of going over Easter weekend. Am I crazy?

    We already have a trip booked 4/22 - 4/30 with my parents, niece, and niece's 3yr old. This is a major trip for us: 4 generation, 9 days, signature restaurants, HDDR, water park, DQ, etc. Everyone is looking forward to this trip. Yesterday on Twitter I saw the Braves spring training schedule...
  18. magic1106

    Photo editing

    This is not Disney related so forgive me. My sister needs a family photo from each sibling to create a gift for my parents. I don't have any. Not one photo of all of us except for when my daughter was born 14 years ago. I have a great photo from Ohana two years ago that has me, husband...
  19. magic1106

    Blender availability?

    I know with 1 and 2 bedroom villas you can request a blender, but does anyone know if you can request one for a studio?
  20. magic1106

    Transportation for 7

    We will be a party of 7, 6 adults and a 3 year old. My parents will both have ECVs. I am thinking of having a few dinner ADRs at places we have never tried. Some of these are at resorts and instead of dealing with Disney transportation, we would use cab type service. The problem is I can't...