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    We are leaving the same day and will be flying as our drive is 23 hrs. I spoke with our flight attendant friend who said most important on a plane is to wipe down table, arm rests, etc. and do not use the pocket in the seatback.
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    Lower priced TS locations

    We always loved the Plaza but with the new menu will be skipping it this year
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    Any Experiences (Good or Bad) at Maria & Enzo's

    We were in the main Dining Room last year - by the pics above I would probably have preferred the Hideaway - but we all loved the food. Everyone came away satisfied and felt it was one of our new favourites
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    Pay for parking with dining reservation?

    We have lunch reservations at Poly and were planning to take the monorail to MK in the afternoon. Now that resorts are charging for overnight parking, do we have to pay to park at a resort when we have a Dining reservation?
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    HS after hours, effect on SSD at closing?

    We had planned to ride SSD at closing on March 17th however there is an "after hours" event that same night. With closing time at 8:30 and the event starting at 9:00, will we be safe getting in line at 8:15pm or do they close the line early?
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    HS - I think I goofed

    I don't know why, but for some reason I had Saturday listed as the BEST day to visit Hollywood Studios. I just read in Josh's most recent post to avoid Saturday. We were planning to follow Josh's late arrival plan on March 16th (I just booked our fastpasses yesterday), but now I am not so sure...
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    Contemporary Restaurant for Fireworks?

    Hi all, I am sure I read a review by Josh for a restaurant at the Contemporary that also has viewing for nighttime fireworks. Can anyone tell me the name of the restaurant, or give me the link to Josh's review?
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    FP+ without Tickets?

    We have Canadian Exchange Certificates which are always difficult to link on the MyDisney App. Are we able to book FP+ at 30 days if we don't have tickets linked on our Disney account?
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    Orange Lake - Suggestions?

    We are staying in a 2 bdrm condo at Orange Lake for the first time in March. I know the resort is huge, so just wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions? What buildings to avoid or request, things to do, which pools are best, fun tips, etc.
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    AK Lodge w/ savanna views

    What is the name of the restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge that has views of the savanna?
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    Flight of Passage - Leg Restraints

    Like everyone else, I am excited to experience Avatar and especially FOP on our next trip. I have one concern through... I have arthritis in my knee that makes it uncomfortable to hold my knee at a 90 degree angle. I am usually fine on most rides; the only exception I have found is SDMT. I...
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    Caribbean & Coronado Construction

    We are looking at booking either Caribbean or Coronado for our March 2018 trip but I find that both are under a "refurbishment advisory". Can anyone tell me what exactly is being refurbished at each resort? i.e. pool, restaurant, rooms, etc.
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    Any "gotchas" for March 2018

    I am planning a trip for March 10-17 2018 and am just wondering if there are any "gotchas" I should know about i.e. Mardi Gras, school breaks, cheerleaders, etc.
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    Throw Away Night - dumb it down for me

    We did a "throw away" night a few years ago but I believe the rules for booking FP+ have since changed. Can someone explain the "rolling 60 days" to me? For example, if we booked a night for only March 10th, when would we be able to book FP+ and would we be able to book for 6 days even if we...
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    Spring 2018 Promos?

    Does anyone know when the Spring Promos (free dining, room discounts, etc.) are usually released? We are hoping for a March trip...
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    How to get to Chef Mickey?

    We are staying at POP next week and starting our first full day with breakfast at Chef Mickey. What's the best way to get to a 7am reservation at the Contemporary?