​ The power of cheat sheets, ​RD,​ a plan ​, and a little bit of flexibility


​ The power of cheat sheets, ​RD,​ a plan ​, and a little bit of flexibility

​​​The power of the cheat sheets, RD,​ having a plan​, and a little bit of flexibility. A great MK day, 12/23/14.

(Part how well Josh's strategies work, part trip report, please move if you think this is better in the TR forum)

So after many trips, we know the importance of rope drop, doing the red attractions first, etc. People may say don't go Christmas week, It's the busiest​ time of the year, but we had a great time at Mk Tueday 12/23, and barely waited in any lines.

We took a cab to the Contemporary and walked over to MK;​ by 635​am ​we were through bag check and by the right hand arch, about 4 or 5​ rows ​back.

After the welcome show, we followed the cast member wall to the 7DMT via the Teacups path. We lost a bit of ground ​as I'm not that fast of a walker, but we still pretty much walked on. We were off the ride heading toward tomorrow land by 720.

TL was empty. Space was down, the horrors, it was next on the lis​t! What should we do?​​ Move on to the next thing of course, and keep an eye out on SM. ​So ​we ​went ahead & rode astro, buzz, and since space ​still ​ wasn't up yet, the peoplemover. I wil try to post pics of a nearly empty tomorrowland later. The PM wasn't planned until much later in the day, but we​ wanted to stay in the area, as ​we were hoping space would open, cause we knew its lines would be crazy later.

We were rewarded, ​Space​ was open as we got off the mover​, so we jumped on​.

​After, we took the back ​"sneak" ​path, behind the speedway, and walked on to dumbo & barnstormer. Empty cars and elephants going, it was still very quiet! I'd never ridden dumbo before and was determined to do so this trip. Next, the train to frontier land had just arrived, so we jumped on,​ and had a short rest as the train went around fo frontierland.

We crossed into Adventure land, and then walked on to pirates. Now off to ​the jingle cruise​ (fantastic themeing change, lots of fun stuff in the queue - letters to Santa etc)​, where we finally had our first wait of about 15 minutes.

​Things are starting to fill up now, ​lots more people around, at about 1015. Big difference that 30 minutes made!

Next went to HM, about a 10 min wait until the FP merge, not bad at all. Then rode the Carousel (no wait) on the way to a BOG lunch (with fast pass). We like lunch better than dinner there.

After lunch, we were planning on visiting Tom sawyer island, but the 12pm parade was just getting going. No getting through all that mess, So we popped into HOP instead. Then went to the island, as the parade was over and traffic much easier to deal with.

Returned from the island at about 115. Saw the country bears. Tried the shooting arcade. ​About 230, we ​decided just to stake out a parade spot in frontierland. We were tired, and while we had fp for it, wanted to sit and chill in the shade a bit, and there were ​still front row spots in the shade in frontierland.

​A surprise, ​At 3​ pm ​cinderellas carriage came by.​ Guess is was the wedding carriage? No one in it, but 4 horses, footmen etc went by.​

Saw the parade, then used fp at splash. Second (Third?) Wind now....

​We left the park then, and headed to the GF to see the Gingerbread house, and had a scheduled meet with another pin trader. Then dinner at Park Fare. Food, meh, characters great fun! I talked DS into offering Drizilla a light up LED ring. Hilarious. Unfortunately the camera tanked, and we were to busy laughing anyway to get candid pictures. Have a few posed shots though...

​Went back to mk, got sotmk cards & played ​the ​ game on main street​ while waiting for Wishes.​

​After the show, went and walked on to the teacups, and watched Philharmagic while waiting for our mine train fp window.

Surprisingly, when we came out (about 10?), the queue was practically empty (First MSEP parade must have pulled lots of people away). We debated jumping back in line, but were pretty much toast.

So we snuck past the waiting crowds for msep, and just got ahead of exodus. (crossed between floats!)

​Made it back to Saratoga Springs and crashed.....​

So we hit all the Headliners we wanted to (including riding 7DMT twice, once in daylight, one at night!), saw parade & fireworks, and got to do some new things we have not done before. Did lots of pin trading and just taking in the sights along the way as well. All in all a fun day!

Proving even during crazy busy weeks a little planning goes a long way....
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Wow! You covered a lot of ground. What time did you leave the parks? Sounds like a very long day!


We left as the first MSEP was starting, so about 1015pm?

We had some mini-breaks built in - sit down lunch & dinner, and the parade.

We did not get up early the next day! (Had FP for mid morning @ HS, then went to Epcot for late lunch/Candlelight Processional)


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Early bird gets the worm, great plan to cab to Contemporary. I also like the move to take the train from Barnstormer to Frontier-land. The train saves walking, saves time, and puts you ahead of the crowds. Once you have a great first three hours like that the pressure is off for the rest of the day and you can just relax and enjoy and not worry about having to wait in any lines. As our kids get older we are going to want to avoid taking them out of school so it really helps to know that there still can be success at rope drop on these days when schools are on break.


Yep - hitting the "red" and "yellow" attrations at RD really makes a difference. If you do that, I don't think it really matters when you visit, as long as you know the walkways etc will be packed by lunchtime. but by then its time to enjoy lunch, shopping, shows, etc.

I will be posting similar success from our Disneyland visit later (even though we actually missed RD by 25 minutes - silly me didn't set the alarm correctly!)


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Nice report!

That carriage is supposedly right out of the new Cinderella movie I think it is. Or maybe Into the Woods. But probably Cinderella.


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Nice report!

That carriage is supposedly right out of the new Cinderella movie I think it is. Or maybe Into the Woods. But probably Cinderella.
It's from the upcoming live-action Cinderella movie. It looks nice!


From the People mover (after we had ridden the 7DMT, Astro Orbiter, and Buzz Lightyear, so at least 8am, probably later)....
This is Christmas week?

Cinderellas carriage - pretty horses! (and carriage!)