1/2 day at HS worth it on last day?


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We are still trying to figure out our days at the park. We will be at WDW April 2-5, staying at POP. It will be me, DH, DS7, and DD4.5.

Here's what are trip looks like so far:

Wed., April 2:
Leave Sarasota bright and early (where we'll have been staying with family for a couple days)...drive to Orlando
10:55 ADR at Ohana
Check in at POP
Rest of the day at MK, which is the most recommended park.

(Does it make more sense to try to do an early check-in at POP before Ohana, and then monorail to MK?)

Thurs., April 3:
Based on what some people said in a thread I posted previously, I think we are going to try to do EP this day, because it is the most recommended park.
8:10 ADR at Akershus
Possibly one of us leave breakfast a bit early to stand in line for Anna and Elsa now that they are starting at 9.
Rest of EP plans to be determined. Def. want to do Soarin', TT, Nemo and Friends/Turtle Talk, and taking in WS.

Fri., April 4:
RD at MK, which is the second most recommended park.
Rest of plans TBD.

Sat., April 5:
Check out at POP

We are trying to decide whether to do a half day at HS this last day. HS is the least recommended park, because it is a Saturday and has early EMH. The kids really want to go to HS. I think we would try to do TSMM, Disney Junior Live on Stage, Muppet Vision, possibly Indiana Jones, and DS wants to do Star Tours. No interest in ToT or RnRC. Is it crazy to go to HS this last half day? I think I remember that it would only cost about $70 more or so total for a 4 day base ticket versus a 3 day. (We haven't purchased our tickets yet.) We could get there for 8am RD, ride standby for awhile, then do our FP+ rides, maybe have lunch at the '50s Primetime Cafe, and then hit the road by noon or 1. (We would have to be on our way home by 1 at the latest.) Is this crazy? I'm thinking we are going to be pretty tired by that Saturday, and getting up for RD will be hard, but I think we can do it. Will the crowds just make us miserable and crazy? I just can't decide whether it is worth trying to squeeze it in or not! This is our first family trip to WDW, and I'm not sure if/when we will be able to get back. It will probably be years, so part of me just wants to go for it, but I'm not sure. Obviously. ;-) (The other alternative, since the kids want to go to HS, is going instead of EP on Thurs., but I'm not sure there is enough there for us for a whole day.)

Any thoughts for me? Thanks so much for all the help! This site has been so useful to me. I've learned so much! :)
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I would do it, but not for RD. That's too much to try and get done on your last day before check out. Show up, FP+ ST, TSMM and Disney Junior. You should also be able to see Muppet Vision, Indy might be an issue with show times if you need to leave at 1.


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Assuming you can get up that early, it's certainly doable. You want to be at the Studios by 7:30am at the latest to be among the first people on Toy Story. With no FP+ people arriving until 9am, you might even be able to do it twice with a short wait.


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I wouldn't waste time checking in at Pop after breakfast, I'd go directly from 'Ohana to MK. Wait until 3pm, then either you or your husband can take the car to Pop to check in (leave it there and ride the bus back), or you can all go and take an afternoon break.

If you can get going early enough though, sure, check in first at Pop, but I'd still drive to 'Ohana (park at the Poly or at TTC) if the monorail still isn't running during the afternoons when you're there.

As far as doing HS your last day, it depends on your family. If you're all good at getting up early and getting everything packed and ready to go quickly, then I'd definitely do it. If your family takes awhile to get going in the morning, and packing takes some time, then it might be more stress than it's worth. You know your family best, so you'll know how to make that call.


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Thank you all for the help! I really appreciate it. I think we'll go for the four day tickets and try to get in HS on that last day.


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We did this on our lat trp. We hit HS, left at noon, and actually made it home before sundown. Worth it!

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Get 3 day tickets and add the extra day when you're there and know you'll use it, ie. you're not exhausted or sick. You can check in later in the day at Pop when you're done with MK. Don't worry, they'll hold the room.

You can definitely hit HS on departure day. Make it an early night the night before. Pack as much as you can the night before so you're just throwing on clothes. With your car there, you can put as much into the car the night before, too. Jump in the car to HS for the 7:30. Have a snacky type breakfast in line while waiting for RD. Plan a midmorning snack at Starring Rolls once the park is open to the general public.


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I would say go for it, but be forewarned that it is a lot harder to leave Disney from a park than it is a hotel. :-(

We have always had early afternoon flights in the past, so we just slept in a bit on departure day before heading to the airport. Two trips ago, we had an evening flight so we went to MK for the morning through lunch, which was awesome until it was time to leave. It was pretty hard to walk out while all of the happy vacationers (and the MISIC parade!) were on Main St. I tried to hide my sadness from the kids, but I looked down at DS5 and he was sobbing so we both shared a little moment on Main St. Even 2 years later he says he still doesn't want to go to a park on departure day because it is too sad. Although I am planning to for this trip, but it will probably be HS so it might not have the same emotion as MK. Cost-wise, it's just so hard to pass up that extra 1/2 day when it doesn't cost much more!!


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Although it's sad, I sort of like having the end of our Disney time be that moment when we walk out the gate of a park. Sure, it's sad, but there's a sort of nice finality about it. I always snap a pic of the Exit sign. A few years ago, the same CM that was at our gate at rope drop was working the exit gate, she said "leaving so soon?" and I told her we had to catch the plane. She commiserated with us, gave us both a hug and a couple of stickers so we could carry a little Mickey home with us. It was so sweet.

Back to OP: I agree about buying the 3-day tickets and then just upgrading to the 4th day before you leave the park on the third. That way you don't "have to" go to the park on your final day if you're all tired or not in the mood.


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I think even if you can only get to HS for a short amount of time, its worth it. Of course, the time will fly by fast. We did AK for 4 hours on the last day of our trip and it felt like we had just gotten there when we had to leave. Granted, we covered almost everything we wanted to do before we headed out. Soak up all the Disney magic that you can :)


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We always go to HS on our departure day and we always love it. This year the FP+ really helped with hitting some of the headliners while spending about 4 hours in the park and doing lunch at 50s.

Despite it being a Saturday with AM EMH and it being a non-recommended park, the lines the first few hours were relatively short. The FP+ choices made it easy to hit three rides we really wanted as well as a few doubles and grab lunch before heading to the airport.


does anybody know how to change this?
If the park tickets are only three days, can you reserve four days of FP+?
No, but if you get that last day added to the tickets the day before, they can make FP+ reservations at that time. With crowd level of 6, I don't think they'll have any problem getting FP+ reservations the day before.

I think it's about $16-18 to go from 3 days to 4 on a ticket, so that's a decent chunk of change for four tickets. If the difference was only a couple of bucks, then I'd definitely do it in advance, but if there's any chance you won't use that extra day, I don't see any reason to give the Mouse more money than necessary ;)