1-22-17 Day 1 - Epcot - arriving at 11:30 AM


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My sister (40) and I (44) are headed to WDW 1/22-1/25. We fly in in 1/22 and should be at Epcot around noon. We have both been before - she has not seen Soarin' or Living off the Land. We don't have much plan to see Test Track. Here is my idea - thoughts?

Try to get Fast Passes for - Soarin' 12:30-1:30?, Living off the Land and Pixar Shorts or Seas with Nemo. I know we don't need fast passes for those others, but I thought it might eliminate waiting in lines.

Arrive about noon and head to Mexico for lunch at Cantina San Angel if we have time before Soarin.
Go ride Soarin
Do Living off the Land
Seas with Nemo
Pixar Shorts
Head around the World Showcase - have some snacks and drinks - check out the sights and shows
Try to watch Frozen ever after during the fireworks

Our meals would be at Cantina San Angel and the Fish and Chips place. My sister may want a sandwich at La Patesserie (and I'll need ice cream in France too :) )

My question is - does anyone have any idea how the arts festival might effect this? Other thoughts on our idea?



I think heading to Mexico just to eat and then going back to Future World would be a lot of walking that you might not want to do. Maybe get a light bite at Sunshine Seasons in The Land before your Soarin FP and then snack your way around the world later, including Mexico?


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That's a good idea - my sister has her heart set on some Margaritas/Mexican food - we'd like to eat/snack in the world showcase - but you are absolutely correct - lots of walking there