10:55 ADR at Ohana


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Hi! Just want to confirm that we will definitely be served breakfast and see characters with a 10:55 ADR at Ohana. I keep reading stories about being seated late so if that's the case and we aren't seated until 11:15, will the characters still be there and will we get breakfast?


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'Ohana doesn't have a lunch seating, so you should be all set with getting served breakfast.


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I wouldn't worry about not seeing characters either. We really like those last bkft seatings- the characters tend to hang around for lots of personal attention- at least that's been our experience at both PF and CMC brunches.


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We had a 10:50 reservation last year and had no problem! We had tons of character time :)


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We've done 'Ohana at all different times and have enjoyed the later seatings the best. crowd thins out a bit and the characters will hang out for a good bit. Stitch loves to steal stuffed toys from children.