10 adults, 11 kids (11 and under) HELP!


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I am planning a trip to WDW for 10 adults and 11 kids from December 3rd through December 8th, 2013. Family groups are:
1. me, DH, DS11, DD9, DD7, DD4, DS2
2. Sis & hub, boy7, girl5, boy2, girl10 months
3. Sis & hub, girl2, boy4 months
4. Bro & wife
5. my dad & wife
We are staying at the All-Star Music Resort to save money and utilize family suites. All adults have been to WDW twice before 1996 and 2005, stayed at GF, sort of familiar with parks and transportation. We plan on being up early, so heading to bed fairly early as well. Taking turns babysitting so each couple can have a night out.

Here is my plan, any and all advice or opinions is much appreciated! I am following EasyWDW cheat sheets as closely as possible.

Dec 4th-HS at RD, leave park early afternoon and head to Epcot for World Showcase & Dinner
Dec 5th-Epcot at RD, leave park around 11am, head to AK, Dinner at BOMA at 435pm
Dec 6th-MK at RD, 1245pm lunch at Liberty Tavern
Dec 7th-USIOA early, basically to do WWOHP. 8pm Spirit of Aloha Dinner watch fireworks from Polynesian beach

Thanks for any advice!


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Don't have a ton of experience here with such a varied group, but is everyone really in line with "the plan?" I feel like it's going to be impossible to please everybody all the time and you'll be doing a lot of splitting up. That may already be in the plan, but your brother who is just traveling with his wife and your sister with four kids are going to have some different ideas about what they want to do when. I would guess.


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Thanks for your quick response! I made a basic plan based on what seemed to be the best days to visit each park and try to fit in Harry Potter. The three meals listed are the only ones that we plan on all being together, otherwise each family will do their own thing. I am the typical Type-A oldest child, and I have let everyone know that this is what I think is best for my family and they are welcome to follow along! We have a every man for himself policy when it comes to dealing with babies, bathroom breaks, naps, etc.


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I see problems with your Epcot/AK day. Will you have a car? If you do, it's tight. If you don't, it seems like it won't work. I guess it depends on what you want to do in each park. It certainly can't be much.
Remember-- transitions always take more time than you think they will. 45 - 90 minutes with Disney transpo. Mostly 45 with a car. (Note- this is transition. Not travel time. Big difference. Make sure you account for all the time between 'let's go' and 'we're here'.)


Could you make your Boma reservation a little later? I guess with a large group like that it might be difficult to get a change in reservations. Your time at Epcot and at AK are going to seem very short I think. But it is one way to get all the parks in!Hopefully you can get some FP+ for AK. Sounds like a lot of fun!



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I think doing all 4 WDW parks and USIOA is a bit aggressive. Have you considered cutting out a park? You also have 4 RDs in a row, that is fine for some, but a big no-no for others.
What do you plan on doing at each park?
Example - if you aren't doing any shows in DHS, you can do the big things in the morning. Then head to Epcot and do FW followed by WS (get FP+ for FW in the afternoon so no worries about being late). This might allow you not have to do Epcot again the next morning.

There are hundreds of ways to "skin the cat". It all depends on what you want to do at each park. You need to figure out what is top on the list for you (or all of you).


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I see this group needing to split up a lot. You've got 7 "littles" and 3 elementary and one tween. I might would stick together in the AM for RD and the headliners that everyone can ride. Then split the kids by height/fearlessness and ride the baby rides for the littles and the thrillers for the olders. That does mean parental units will be splitting too. The two adult couples could either help with children OR go off on their own after the RD headliners. I would definitely keep MK and US. Maybe just do a half day AK day. And pick either DHS or Epcot.

I just do NOT see you being able to do all of this without some major meltdowns from the 5,4 and 2 year olds. The infants, especially if they're used to being strollered or worn, will sleep pretty much anywhere. The others will be too overstimulated to settle down and sleep in a stroller. You will need to go back to the rooms for a break. That takes up a huge chunk of time. An hour there and an hour back. 2 hour nap. Boom, 4 hours minimum gone.

I took my 8, 7 and 6 year olds alone for their first trip. Nap time was crucial. We left the parks every day and went for a nap. Most days we left between 11 and 12ish. And we went back around 5 or 6.