1900 Park Faire B'fast or Dinner?


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So I think we will be going here on our break day. I'm just trying to decide when to go. Should I book a really late breakfast - 11:00am or an early dinner? I know that the characters are different from breakfast to dinner. I don't think that is a deal breaker either way for us. We are planning on CRT for b'fast on my DDs birthday and Tusker House on our AK day.
So what do you think? Which should I choose? How is the food at each time?


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We have only done dinner there and the food was pretty good. My husband is very picky and he enjoyed the meal very much.


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1900 Park Fare is one of the better buffets at both meals as far as food and character interaction is concerned. It's sort of a boring setting, but that may or may not matter much. My personal preference overall is breakfast - cheaper, more consistent food, and you would benefit from a later breakfast because fewer people would be seated after you. That usually translates to more time with the characters. On the other hand, the characters at dinner are (in my opinion) better. My own choice would be breakfast, but if you'd prefer to spend the extra $15 or so per person for dinner then that would be fine too. It's one of those things where both options are good - it just depends on your budget and whether you would prefer to eat eggs and bacon or prime rib and salads.


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We had a great experience at dinner at 1900 PF. The food was okay as Disney standards go, but really it was more about the experience. We had a blast interacting with Cinderella's step-mother and were even able to get the step-sisters Anastasia and Drucilla (sp?) to sing for us--it was hilarious!! One of my DD's was asked to dance with Prince Charming--she was so embarrassed, but really it's been one of the best character experiences in all of the history of our Disney trips.

I will go and see if I have any pictures I can add to this post....

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We have free dining so I guess price doesn't matter. My kids aren't really into Pooh et al, but love Alice and the Mad Hatter. I was concerned dinner wouldn't be a good choice since 1.we are already seeing Cindy and princesses at CRT and thought DS would not want more princesses. 2. I've read dinner buffets are not the good or consistent. I still think the step sisters would be worth a dinner buffet. Choices....Choices....


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We didn't care for the food at 1900 park fare, but the step sisters and step mother are a hoot!
It was one of the best character interactions that we had during our vacation.


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I'm with Thadine.
We loved the stepsisters but dinner food was mediocre at best.
We have always enjoyed brunch there- and it's the only place you get Alice, Mad Hatter- a hoot!, Mary Poppins and Strawberry Soup!

Overall I think you won't go wrong with either- choose whichever time fits your off day best.


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I've done both and loved both! Of course my dinner experience was partly hysterical because of the t-shirt I wore which got A LOT of attention from the stepsisters & Lady Tremaine. It says: "I don't want to be Cinderella, I want to be a Tremaine" and the stepsisters screamed across the room about my shirt! Then Lady Tremaine told me that she thought I was delightful but she seriously had her hands full and couldn't possibly adopt me LOL!:RpS_biggrin: I find the dinner characters are tons of fun if you play along.

I've also done the breakfasts a few time and always a late breakfast/brunch seating. We gets loads of character interaction because the restaurant empties out. And you can't go wrong with breakfast food!:RpS_drool:


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Kelly, who is in your group?

I've only been for dinner. Before we found 'Ohana it was our favorite "not a park day" meal. Like others have pointed out, it wasn't for the food, but the interaction. My eldest son (12 maybe, at the time) was given quite a bit of attention. The sisters doted on him, the prince gave him lessons on how to treat his princess. It was priceless.

We'd been on a previous occasion and didn't get the same interaction, but enough to want to go back.


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Edith-Those pictures are great!
Brandie - It will be myself, DH, DS6, DD4. She actually turns 4 the day after we arrive and I'm planning on CRT for her birthday.
Maybe I should add Ohana to the mix....:confused:


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We LOVE 1900 Park Fare for dinner! Our DD5 loves Cinderella, and the step sisters are VERY entertaining. We think it's some of the best buffet food at Disney.