1900 Park Fare Happily Ever After dinner


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I made this ADR for 2 reasons. One, we were on the dining plan & I didn't want to use 2 table service credit for CRT. Two, we had an Akershus ADR but they say Cindy's not guaranteed and most reviews I read didn't mention her. Well, it just so happened at our first character meal which was Akershus, Cinderella was there (but no Mulan), but I am still sooo glad we had this meal. It was one of the best meal-wise and character-wise that we had.

We had a 4:45 ADR but we had taken the monorail over from MK and got there early. We decided to go ahead and checkin when they opened at 4:30. Boy, am I glad we did! I had not read this anywhere and I had not been to the first meal of the day for any of the other character meals, but this was so neat. After we were seated, our waiter explained that each character would be announced and come through a door by the door to the kitchen, which we had clear camera view to so that was great! Then they started visiting tables and the waiter told us we didn't need to worry unless a character was at 1 of 2 tables, which meant they would be with us next. I thought that was so nice & thoughtful of him. It would be wonderful if that was a requirement for all the wait staff at all the character meals to let guests know which table is before them, because as first time guests we had no clue what to expect. Maybe that's why he told us because we were our "first visit" buttons everywhere or maybe he does it with everyone. Anyway, it was super nice.

So Prince Charming came out first, then he escorted Cinderella out when she was announced. Then there was a royal dance after several greetings, then Lady Tremaine & the stepsisters who were great. The characters at all our meals were great but I think these were the best. I would recommend a 4:30 ADR if you want to experience the "announcements." I don't know if they do it again or they just keep greeting through the night. Maybe someone else does. I felt pretty lucky not to miss it by a few minutes.

The food here for dinner was as delicious as breakfast. Luckily this is a restaurant review and not a food review because we were so enthralled by the experience that it's hard to remember the food but I do remember everyone loving it. My mom loved having the strawberry soup for a second time. I do remember the desserts were to die for.

Highly recommend for food and characters. Also, note at breakfast & dinner they had the Mickey shaped plates for kids which my kids loved.


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Thnx for the review! We are eating here for our next trip primarily to see the stepsisters in action and I've been wondering if it's worth it. We haven't really found character meals to be particularly worth it as I prefer the pics from official meets, but this meal sounds very entertaining.


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Also, note at breakfast & dinner they had the Mickey shaped plates for kids which my kids loved.
I know it's SUPPOSED to be for the kids, but my wife and I ate off of these ourselves because it's Disney and we can! We can eat off boring pretty dishes any time but Mickey plates only at Disney!


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Thanks for your review. I currently have Chef Mickey's booked for our last night in December, but I'm seriously considering trying to switch over to this one. I've just heard dreadful things about the food being TERRIBLE, so that's why I'm on the fence. Most reviews seem to agree that the character interaction here is fantastic!


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Thank you for your review. We were debating wether or not to do this one for my daughter! We've done the breakfast over and over because we really like the food, so I'm glad the dinner is just as great!