1900 Park Fare or Crystal Palace for dinner?


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Long story short...we had to move the dates of our Christmas trip up 2 weeks! Since I had very little time to re-do all our reservations, it is slim pickings! Anyway, I would like to do at least a couple nice sit down meals. I was able to get an ADR at 1900 Park Fare and Crystal Palace for dinner on the same night. We will be in MK that evening so my plan is to see Frozen Holiday Wish at 6:30pm, then FP+ at 7DMT at 6:50pm and then head either to CP for a 7:15ADR or take the boat or monorail to GF for a 1900 Park Fare ADR at 7:35. Regardless of which ADR we go with, we will head back to the resort after dinner. Which would you do? We have been to CP previously for breakfast, never for dinner. Have never been to 1900 Park Fare. This would also give us the opportunity to check out the decorations at GF (although we could find another time during our trip to do this). Checked out Trip Advisor for reviews and they are mixed, of course. Looking for advice!:)


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Which characters appeal more?
We really enjoyed 1900PF, the Step Mother and Sisters were a LOT of fun, but both will likely have similar options as far as meal goes. If you'd like to dine with Cindy and gang, and don't mind leaving MK, I'd head there. But if you like the ease of staying in the park, and are happy seeing Pooh and gang, I'd do that.


I vote for Crystal Palace...you won't have to leave the park and I feel the food is way better there than at 1900.

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I found the food similar in quality at both.
I'd vote for Park Fare, just because it seems like it offers you more from an experience perspective. New location/ character interaction (the stepsisters are my fav meal characters anywhere. So cute.) and a chance to see the xmas decor.


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We like BOTH of those buffets. They are very similar in both having quite a variety. If anyone loves sushi, 1900 Park Fare usually has that, along with cold strawberry soup (yum!). It would be easier to stay in the park, and it is more laid back at 1900.


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OP did indicate that this meal would be their last activity of the day whether in the park or out, so leaving the park isn't an issue. I would probably go with 1900 Park Fare just for a change of pace.


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I am really appreciating all the feedback! I would love to ask my girls their preference on characters, but this is a surprise trip!
Tough call! Food wise, the food is similar giving a slight edge to CP. You can't really go wrong with the characters at either. Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters are worth the price of admission alone at 1900 PF. As others have said, it really just boils down to which set of characters everyone in the party would get the most out of and enjoy more. Good luck and let us know how it goes!