1st stay at Allstar next week, any suggestions?


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We've stayed at akl for all of our previous trips, except our 1st at por. Just found a 3day mini trip. Concerned about buses based in comments in other sites. We r driving doen. But I love to take bus to Mk because of the transit station, etc


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We stayed at ASSp back in January, and were not sure what to expect from the buses. In the end it worked very well, and wasn't an issue. There were only a few times during our week that the bus heading to a park went to all 3 of the All Stars, and it was during the slower times of the day. Usually it just picked us up and went directly there. Hopefully it works out well for you too.


we stayed at Movies in April and had great experiences with the buses. We never shared with the other AS resorts on our Magic Kingdom days, and only shared in the afternoon when we went to/left the other parks (AK, DHS, Epcot). Also, saying that, we never experienced a full bus during our entire trip either - we're rope drop to mid-afternoon kind of people. Granted, that may have been different if we had stayed for evening entertainment ( but we chose not to, due to the age of my kids and the fact that my 3-year old wasn't feeling well) -- I think that the all stars are judged a bit too harshly, but we could not find a single fault. Enjoy your trip!


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Which one are you staying at? We've stayed at Movies once and Music three times, and we haven't had any major problems with thr buses. Nothing really different than any other resort we've stayed at--if you try to leave the park right after the fireworks, there will be a slew of people going from one place to another, and it takes a little bit of time. In our experience, each resort had its own bus just prior to park opening and usually at closing. I remember one time that Sports and Music were sharing, but it wasn't a big deal.

If you are staying at Music and the line for Sports (returning from park) is shorterr, you can ride that bus, get off at Sports, and walk to music. Same if you're staying at Movies and Music's line is shorter.


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We stayed at AS Music last year and had no problems whatsoever. Our kids love the place. Buses were great. No complaints.


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Big cheerleading groups staying at All Star Sports arriving Dec 28-29th. Staying through New Years. Associated with the Capital One Bowl on New Years Day.


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We stayed at Movies last October and will be again this coming October. We only had one day where the bus filled quickly leaving the resort and waited less than ten minutes for another.
While waiting in a line at Hollywood Studios, I spoke with a couple who were staying at the Grand Floridian. They told me it took them 50 minutes to get to HS that morning. They were pretty disgusted when I told them how quickly we arrived.