2015 Perks are up on the DVC Member site


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In case any members haven't noticed or checked, DVC released the member perks for 2015 on the member site. The AP discount is still there. I'm not familiar enough with the other perks to notice any changes. I'm sure Micah will point out any changes on mouseperks.com when he's back from his trip. Thanks in advance, Micah.:RpS_thumbsup: Hope your 3 resort split stay works out well!


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Thanks for posting this. I will indeed post all of the differences and update sometime next week. All of the Annual Pass perk changes have been posted also... so I need to do them too. We learned one change the hard way a few days ago, the AP mini-golf discount changed from 50% down to 15%.

Trip is going great, tonight is our last night at AKV and then we move to a 1BR at OKW. Looking forward to the extra space.