2018 or 2019 Guide?


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I just purchased the 2018 Easy Guide and began reading it, and noticed that they will stop updating the guide in Summer 2018. Our trip is planned for November 2018. Which guide would you recommend, 2018 or 2019?

We want to begin planning ASAP, but I don't want to hurt our trip by not having the 2019 guide.

Thanks so much for the help!


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2019 will likely be available in August/September or so. You could certainly purchase the new guide as it would contain all updated info for your trip. Lots change in the parks from month to month so from “summer” to November might see some changes. I personally purchase a new book every year even if I don’t have a trip planned because I feel that’s a small way I can support Josh and Dave for all the work they do as neither of them charge fees to access their websites. Alternatively, you can keep using the 2018 guide and follow Joshs website for updates and changes as you get closer to your trip. I don’t think any major park changes are scheduled for late this year. Toy story land will be open in June and Star Wars doesn’t open till sometime in 2019.