# 5 sticky ?


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Kate's Best Times Guide is definitely updated. I don't know if Josh will update the information that Christine has linked or not. That isn't something that can be changed by her or any of the other moderators on this forum though......so maybe check with Josh if he is updating that information with the new Fantasyland information (everything else should be the same.)


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What specifically are you looking for?
Kate's Chart was just updated about 2 weeks ago- so that is up to date.

The attraction info links are all good- only thing that is probably missing from MK is new FL attractions- Belle and Ariel greet and ride. If there is something particular you need to know about those 2- just ask or read up on them on Disney site.

The AK list is good, Epcot is good and DHS- only new thing missing is the Jack Sparrow attraction.


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i looked at the date and saw 2011 so i must have read it wrong, that is what happens when you don't have enough coffee...