$500 travellers cheque in WDW, help!


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Hello, despite being reassured repeatedly by my local post office that we would not receive denominations over $100, they have of course, now sent us a cheque of $500 denomination! :RpS_cursing:
Grr, I don't know why I'm surprised though, bloody post office.
Anyway, what am I best to do with it at WDW?
Can I cash it at the front desk at OKW? (I know there will be a limit to what they can cash, but I can't find out what it is)
If I can't cash it, can I link it to my KTTW card at the start of the stay so it can be used to pay of any charges?
Any chance at all of using it for a purchase in park - how much would I need to spend I guess?
Or, failing that, I guess I could just use it to clear all the charges on my KTTW card at the end of our stay...
Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Or, if nobody knows the answer, could someone advise me as to the best number to phone for some info? Thanks
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I would think you could use it to pay down your KTTW charges at the front desk if all else fails.


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Paying off charges would probably be easiest if you didn't already have plans to carry it around as cash. Personally, if I were in your situation, I would lock it in the room safe and on the day before check out go to the front desk and payoff any charges. To be safe I wouldn't wait until checkout because sometimes they try to submit the charges to the card on file in the morning.

This way you won't have to have so much cash laying about.


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Thanks guys!
I had hoped to offload it nearer the start of the trip (so it's not kind of hanging over me with all its giant $500ishness), and I will ask at check in whether it could be linked/credited to my KTTW card then, but worst case scenario I'll just need to go and clear the charges with it - as long as there's some solution it's fine!