50's Prime Time or Sci Fi?


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My family will be at the World in September. It will be my husband, myself and our 3 boys ages 9 (almost 10), 7, and 5. Between Sci Fi and 50's Prime Time which do you think is better for boys of that age. I'm leaning toward 50's Prime Time but I've heard Sci Fi is pretty cool too. We've only ever done H&V at the Studios so I'm clueless. But the boys are not into characters as much this go round so I thought we'd try something new.


My family loves 50s and we don't like Sci-Fi much for 2 reasons: too dark inside for eating for me and I'm not crazy about having to sit our family 2+2 in the cars. Of course, those 2 items are part of the theme.

Both are fun places though and quite different experiences. But we go to 50s every trip just about. They have multiple things on the menu that my family enjoys: fried chicken, meatloaf and the pot roast.


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At Sci-fi, with five people, one person will be sitting alone. The seats are set up in front facing rows to see the large screen. They only seat two per row with a max of 6 per car. Makes conversation difficult and the film is interesting but not completely captivating and run on a loop. I think we saw it at least twice on the night we were there.


I've only eaten at 50's Prime Time but would most likely pick SciFi over 50's Prime Time. I have absolutely no complaints about the food or decor of 50's Prime Time, however I felt very rushed to eat, pay and get out. I don't like paying table service prices for my meal just to feel like the staff would prefer me to take my food go or if I must eat there then to eat as quickly as I can so they can be rid of me. As good as the food was I have no desire to go back because of how rushed I felt.


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Both are fun, but they are quite different. Go with the experience you think *you* will enjoy more. If your kids are self-sufficient, you can put them in seats in front of you, and have a "mini-date" while they eat in the backseat. If the youngest needs help, or you want something that will be more interactive, 50s will be easier.


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We did both our first trip and enjoyed the experience of both the 50's got the nod from my family on the food. While Sci-Fri is a burgers more of a attraction kinda place. On Our 2nd trip I told the boys to pick one and they choose 50's. We had a great server who realized right away he could have a fun time with our family that meal was a trip highlight. Either choice your family will have a great time and you will then need to make another trip.


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Our experience at 50's wasn't as good. Our kids are more on the shy side and our server never picked up on that. My daughter actually started crying when he was picking on her for not finishing her food. And then he just walked away. No apologies, and no change in behavior. I know the shtick, I've eaten there sans kids before, but this guy was borderline rude. And the food, while good, wasn't worth that hassle. Unfortunately, we won't be going back there anytime soon. :( In the future I hope to try it again with better results - once she's more grown up! (she was 8 years old at the time)

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We've only eaten at 50's once and weren't blown away. I imagine the experience there is largely dependent on the server you draw. I do remember having the impression that the dining rooms were small and the tables too close.

The Sci-Fi is one of our favorites. The theme strikes us as cool and unique, given we are barely old enough to remember eating at drive-ins as kids. And it's more relaxing after a hard day's touring. My only complaint here is that the film loop isn't long enough to last through your meal--probably a subtle clue it's time to move on when you see the same scene a second time.


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Thanks guys! I think we'll go with 50s. My boys are NOT shy in the least and will love the interaction!

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Thanks guys! I think we'll go with 50s. My boys are NOT shy in the least and will love the interaction!
Both are good, just very different. I like the food at 50s is very good, but the "show" can be a bit much. Our waiter noticed we weren't really feeling it and laid off. We like Sci Fi too, the food is nothing special, but good shakes and drinks.


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50s is hit and miss but we are going back again. We like the food and I can get gluten free fried chicken!! I was so excited to take my kids to SciFi when they were 9 and 11 and they hated it. They didn't like sitting alone and the movies freaked them out a little. It shocked me, I didn't think that would happen.


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We prefer 50s prime time over Sci Fi. We like the food better and prefer to interact with each other during our family vacations. Hard to do that at Sci Fi.


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The only reason we schedule a day in Hollywood is because of how much we enjoy 50's prime time café. The food is beyond delicious, and if you enjoy BIG personalities and having a good laugh, you will have a great time. We go every time we are in the World, and we wouldn't miss an opportunity to eat there.