7 am EMH at HS 11/29/19


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We braved RD the day after Thanksgiving. Overall it went well. I thought I would post our experience in case similar EMH occur for Christmas week. Since Rise of the Resistance won't be operating during EMH I would anticipate a similar RD strategy. Unless they let people line up for Rise during EMH which really would be a waste! I honestly have no idea how they are going to manage that operationally.

We were at Beach Club. We did not have a car. I was not excited about transportation options. Skyliner did not start until 6:30 am. There were no buses. I was told by multiple Minnie Van drivers they could not be requested on the app until 6:30 am. No one could tell me if regular cabs would be available or what time the boats would start. I monitored boat transportation times on the app through the week and they were posting "times not available" in the app in the early morning. I was just thankful to have the option to walk, but the kids weren't too excited about having to get up earlier to make that work.

The boys and I started without my husband knowing he could easily catch up. It was already later than I wanted. I can not figure out how it could take so long to get out the door when they slept in their park clothes! There was, of course, a boat. Except at 6:05 am as we approached the dock it was pulling away. I think it would have been better for morale if we hadn't seen the boat at all :RpS_lol: I was not going to wait an unknown amount of time for the next boat. Which turned out to be the best decision, we never saw a second boat on our walk. The kids were actually pretty good sports about keeping a brisk pace with the excitement of a new ride. And even with all the waiting I didn't hear any complaints.

We passed the original boat during its stop at Swan and Dolphin, but it passed us up in the home stretch and docked at 6:18. We were at the gates maybe 5 minutes later. The Skyliner was running and lots of buses were dropping off. I would have preferred to be 10 minutes earlier.

The lines at bag check were open and starting to back up. We had one bag so my husband went through the bag line and the rest of us through the no bag line. We were lined up in front of the Theater at 6:30 am. I'm not good at estimating, but probably 200-300 in front of us. We were a little in front of the street branching off to RnR and ToT. By the time my husband joined us there were about as many behind us as in front (although he took his time walking up the street taking pictures). Yes, we were those people who had someone "excuse me" through the crowd to join us. I had just complained (quietly to my husband only) the day before about a group of six who joined a group of two 10-15 minutes after lining up at Epcot RD and here we were doing the same thing. I rationalized that at least we weren't adding 3 times the original number, but it is a lesson in empathy and humility just the same.

I didn't write down the time we started the long march back to GE but it was after 6:45 which was the last I checked the time. The storm trooper escort was fun but we couldn't see more than a flash of white here and there in front. It was definitely unpleasant trying to keep 4 together, people kept trying to pass on the sides and then they would push me into the stroller next to me. Good times.

At 7:01 we were lined up in front of the entrance, they hadn't started letting people in yet. It seemed about the same number in front of us as originally so I was thankful in the pushing we hadn't fallen behind.

20191129_070226 (1).jpg

Just sitting down for the picture when our group was called. We just had our group of 4, which was good since the kids both wanted to be pilot. I would have felt bad for anyone stuck on this ride with us! No one had any idea what they were doing.


7:27 done with Smugglers Run


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I forgot to add, we had considered doing other rides first and getting in line for Smugglers Run at 7:55 in hopes the wait time would go down during the EMH as it had during the EEMHs. I monitored the wait times on the app through the week since there were 7 am EMH all week long and this did not look like a viable alternative. With a single hour for the EMH and not three, the wait time steadily rose through the morning, usually 80-120 minutes by 8 am. Early afternoon seemed to be the best time (other than RD and park close) to get in SB, waits were lower then than right at 8-9 am.

We exited into Toy Story land. Slinky with a 65-75 minute wait at this point. The other rides posted at 5 minutes. We debated doing TSM right away which would be more efficient in terms of walking time, but in the end the boys said their priority was 2 rides on RnR and I wasn't sure if we could get done with TSM and over to RnR before 8 am park open.

6:05 left Beach Club
6:23 at HS
6:30 lined up in front of Theater
7:01 at Smugglers Run
7:27 done with Smugglers Run
bathroom break, discussion on what to do next
7:43 Entered RnR queue with posted wait 15 minutes but a walk on past the FP merge point and walk through the pre-show.
7:54 Done with RnR. No line but boys decided against 2nd ride. Husband and younger son to TSM, older son and I to ToT
8:06 Done at ToT. PW was 15 minutes but it was a walk on to the pre-show. They did show the pre-show and we couldn't just walk through
15 minute posted wait at TSM so we headed over there. I figured the other 2 would be done and we could meet them out front and ride together. But they were just on the stairs so they said to go ahead without them.
8:12 TSM, posted wait 15 minutes as we entered but increased to 30 minutes shortly after when I checked the app.
We were allowed to ride a second time because my shooter was not working. It was a nice bonus for my son and I didn't mind not being able to play on the first round.

At this point all the rides except Star Tours had prohibitive wait times (we aren't willing to do more than about 30 minutes in standby).

9:00 met up at Starbucks for breakfast for our longest queue of the day
Then started in on our FPs

10:00 Star Tours with FP
10:17 Done Star Tours
10:25 Seated for 10:30 Frozen show (no trouble getting in standby)
11:04 Frozen show done (they added Olaf on stage and a new holiday song at the end)
11:08 Slinky FP
11:19 Done Slinky (I think this is the fastest we've ever gotten through with a FP, there was no back up)
11:30-11:50 Droid Depot (with reservation). Kids love the droids but the experience itself felt very rushed
Boys played a little with droids outside
We had a FP for the 1 pm Indiana Jones show but everyone decided they would rather get a break at the hotel for a few hours before heading to Epcot for the Candlelight Processional.
12:40 back at hotel via Skyliner


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Sounds like a nice morning! I always feel like I pick the wrong line for bag check or just miss the transportation I wanted. Glad your family didn't put up much of a fuss about walking.


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Sounds like a nice morning! I always feel like I pick the wrong line for bag check or just miss the transportation I wanted. Glad your family didn't put up much of a fuss about walking.

I was pleased by how much we were able to get done during the EMH. But it was amazing how quickly the wait times for everything rose once 8 am open hit.