$7 coupon for Disney Little Mermid Blueray Combo Pack


***UPDATED***$7 coupon for Disney Little Mermaid Blueray Combo Pack

Scott shared values has yet another coupon. It is sort of a protracted sign up process. FYI must sign in or join Scott's website AND also be a DMR member to get coupon. It will print twice per computer. linky... https://www.scottbrand.com/offer/littlemermaid Enjoy!! Been looking forward to this one!! :RpS_biggrin:

ETA- This will be $19.96 at Walmart on release day (10/1/13) for non 3D version, making the effective price with coupon $12.96 + tax. Could also be a price match candidate for Best Buy, if that is your preference. Walmart's offering should also include $8 movie cash toward the upcoming Frozen movie (release date 11/27/13).
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