A Land and Sea Pre-Trip Report

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I love pre-trip reports. So, I'm going to type out a quick one here before our vacation next week. I love trip reports too, but have a habit of not finishing them. :) Please search this forum for my old ones if you are so inclined.

The Who

Jacob (aka The Best Man I Know) and myself.


Next are the awesome children.

Simon (16) is in drumline as part of his school's marching bad. He loves music, video games and hanging out with his friends (in-person and virtually).


Kinda (14) is my social butterfly. She is constantly hanging with friends all across town, is in yearbook and soccer.


Our last Disney trip as a family was Disneyland Paris in the spring of 2018. Jacob and I also had a land and sea vacation in January 2019. Jacob and I had such a good time on our cruise that we decided to take the kids.

Up Next...Land Plans

SS Disney

Land Plans

Originally this was only going to be a cruise vacation. Then, I started to do some Disney Math and decided it only made sense to add a couple of days in the parks before our trip. This land portion was a Christmas surprise for Simon and Kinda. I'm happy to report that the surprise was a success and we even received some teenage excitement.

For those who do not have teens let me explain their 3 moods. Mood 1 - The world is ending because of some random event like not being able to find a shoe, missing homework, uncharged phone, etc. This mood is usually short an intense and happens multiple times a day. Mood 2 - Normal teenager mood which involves a lot of one word answers, looking at phones, and asking for rides somewhere or money. Mood 3 - Teenage excitement which involves much smiling, engaging questions and a lot of sincerity.

Our park plans have been summed up in my journal as, "we will sleep when we die". Our flight leaves Colorado at the early hour of 6:30am on January 2. We are staying Club Level at Animal Kingdom Lodge and hopefully will arrive around 1ish. Fingers crossed that our room might be ready. We will hang out and rest until we are all ready to brave the crowds at Animal Kingdom Park. We have FP+ right now for Dinosaur, Expedition Everest and Na'vi. The park is open until 10 and we plan on waiting until close to then to try our luck at riding Flight of Passage. Maybe we will see Rivers of Light and maybe we will see Lion King.

Next day we will wake up to get to Hollywood Studios by 7am. Goal is to get a Rise of the Resistance boarding group. In the morning we have FP+ for Slinky, Star Tours and Muppets. I would also like to try to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror in the morning if crowds allow. After a rest back at Animal Kingdom we will head back to Hollywood Studios for Galaxy's Edge. We have reservations at Oga's and Simon has a reservation to build a droid. We plan on riding Smugglers Run in the evening and maybe we will be lucky with a later boarding time for Rise. The park closes at 9 and we will try to fit as many rides as possible in during the last couple of hours. Maybe we will go to the 9:30 showing of Fantasmic.

After two days of 3am (MST) wake ups, crazy New Year crowds, and closing down parks we will be very ready to rest. That my dear readers is what cruises are for.

Up Next...Going on the Mickey Boat

SS Disney

On the Mickey Boat

During our cruise last year Jacob and I really enjoyed that it was so relaxed! Yes, we had set times for dinner, tastings and shows but most of our days were gloriously unplanned. Here are the very brief plans for our 7 days on the Disney Fantasy. I did research on trip advisor to book our excursions and most of the remaining plans came from check in.

Saturday - Leave Animal Kingdom via Uber between 10 and 12:30 to catch the boat. Whenever we feel ready we will go. After getting on the boat do whatever we feel like.

Sunday - Champagne tasting for Jacob and I and Frozen and Princess meets for the entire family.

Monday - Cozumel and Pirate Night. We will be going to the Cabana Beach this day for our excursion. I booked this through Disney since their price was better than booking directly through Cabana Beach.

Tuesday - George Town, Grand Cayman. I booked a private excursion this day and this is the excursion I'm most excited for. Sail With Friends

Wednesday - Falmouth, Jamaica. Again I booked a private excursion to the Blue Hole. I'm a little nervous about this excursion, but I'm still willing to give it a try.

Thursday - Star Wars Day at Sea. We are signed up as a family to meet Chewy and Vader and Jacob and I have a Mixology tasting.

Friday - Castaway Cay. We will just take it easy and chill at the beach. We also have a R2D2/C3PO meet this day that we might cancel.

Saturday - Disembark the ship, pick up rental car and either go to Kennedy Space Center or Disney Springs.

I've asked my family to indulge me in coordinating outfits at dinner for most days. Kinda and I have had fun planning those. I expect the kids will hang out with us a bit, but also spend some time doing what they want without us.

Those are the loose plans. I'm happy to answer any questions!


Sounds like a fun trip! Looking forwarding to reading all about it. We will arrive at WDW on the day you leave on your cruise. I would like to add that as the mother of "kids" ages 17, 19 and 21, I think you summed up the 3 moods of a teenager very well. The good news is they do come out the other side eventually. :)