A Not So Scary All Grownups Trip! 11/1 - 11/8


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Welp, I said I'd go back to Disneyworld for Star Wars in 2019, and I did. Although, when I said that in my 2017 trip report I didn't know who I'd be going with.

So, if you saw my last trip report, you may remember that my DBF and I went to everyone's favorite vacay destination back in May of 2017. This time, I did not go with my DBF. He is no longer my DBF, mostly because he is now my DH! We tied the knot last June. And as it turns out, my mother-in-law is in the DVC and owns at Boardwalk. A metric ton of Facebook messages later, we had a family trip planned.

Thus, our cast of characters:

ME - The one who's typing at you now. Been going to Disney since '94, this is my 2nd time as an adult who did the trip planning.

DH - 2nd time at Disney. Really, really wants a lightsaber.

DFIL - The husband's dad who is also at Disney for a 2nd time. Also really, really wants a lightsaber.

DMIL - The self-styled "Queen of Disney". Has been coming since before my parents were married. Truly the OG.

DBIL - The husband's little brother. Never been to Disney before. Really, really, really, really wants a lightsaber.

DSIL - Little brother's girlfriend of 5 years. Hasn't been to Disney in 20 years and wants to meet ALL the ducks.

Here we go! Next time, we gamble with fate by planning a dinner reservation and a Mickey's Party on our arrival day. We hate ourselves. What will happen?!?!?!


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When we originally booked our rooms at BWV, we'd been shooting for going to MVMCP at the end of the trip. But then, Disney released their Halloween Party schedule, and lo and behold the last one of the year was our arrival day. So we bought tickets. YOLO.

The family also wanted to do a big dinner on our first night in MK, since we were all flying or driving in from 2 different states, and hadn't seen each other in a while. Cue me at 6:01 AM 180 days out, furiously pouncing on a BOG reservation for 6 people at 6:05 PM. And then, the stakes got even higher when I found out the big news: BIL was planning on using the dinner to PROPOSE to his girlfriend!

I was a bundle of nerves, not helped by us getting up at 3:30 AM for a 7:50 flight out of Philly. But thankfully, the gods of Southwest Airlines and the DME smiled on us all this day. Everybody had deplaned and arrived at Boardwalk by 3:15. Only one of our rooms was ready, so we threw everything in there and took off for MK.

DFIL and DMIL opted to bus to MK, while us younger folks took a Lyft and then rode the ferry over. The other two beat us by about 5 minutes. We walked into MK at 4 on the dot, grabbed our wristbands and treat bags, and did some Photopass spots (pics will be in a separate post.) Each of the three couples decided to explore separately, with the plan to meet at BOG before 6.

I pulled up the wait times on my phone so DH and I could try to get a couple rides in before dinner. Aside from the usual suspects that always have a long wait time, a lot of stuff had a wait of a half hour or less. I assume a lot of people were already starting to clear out from the park since they knew they'd be kicked out at 6 anyway. We headed to Winnie the Pooh first. It was posting a 30 minute wait time, but I think our actual wait was closer to 20.

After a spin in the honeypots, we decided that the People Mover would be a safe bet, and headed to Tomorrowland. The line was kind of long, but with no FP we were boarding a car in 10 minutes. From there, we meandered back over toward Fantasyland.

Meanwhile, DFIL and DMIL were trying to work some miracles with the BOG cast members. They tried to arrange to have a Photopass person come to our table to make the proposal a little more magical, but unfortunately the cast members can't do that. Our hostess was super excited and awesome, though, and told us she'd take all the pictures we wanted! She recommended having the big moment away from the dining area, where the lighting would be better and things would be less noisy.

Having exchanged a bunch of frenzied text messages trying to both work out the details and keep SIL oblivious, we met up for dinner. Much squeezing over being in THE BEAST'S CASTLE OMG was had. We sat in the ballroom, and DH spotted the Hidden Minnie. Just about all of us chose the Filet Mignon, and found that the Grey Stuff is indeed delicious. We asked our server how it seemed to be snowing outside, to which she responded dutifully that it is Enchanted Snow. Mmm hmm.

After dinner, I whisked SIL away to the West Wing so we could take the picture of THE ROSE that everyone takes, while everybody else grabbed our co-conspirator hostess. Once we came back out to the lobby, the hostess took some pics of us in front of the stained glass/mosaic of Belle and the Beast. First the whole group, then each couple individually, with BIL and SIL last. After their picture, he FINALLY pulled out the ring.


More squeeing was had, our hostess whipped out a couple of "Just Engaged" buttons for the lovebirds, and MNSSHP had begun!

Next time: The actual party.


How wonderful! That the hostess had those buttons for them is quintessential Disney magic. Love.

Also, regarding your description of that newly-engaged lady in your intro, did she want to meet Donald and Daisy or the water fowl that live in the WDW waterways?


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How wonderful! That the hostess had those buttons for them is quintessential Disney magic. Love.

Also, regarding your description of that newly-engaged lady in your intro, did she want to meet Donald and Daisy or the water fowl that live in the WDW waterways?
Haha, the answer is both! She wanted to meet ALL the duck characters, but we also took the ferry to MK so she could see the real life ones, too. Also we're Northerners so seeing birds like ibises and cormorants is very exotic.
Haha, the answer is both! She wanted to meet ALL the duck characters, but we also took the ferry to MK so she could see the real life ones, too. Also we're Northerners so seeing birds like ibises and cormorants is very exotic.
Can't wait to read more!!

Funny story about Florida and Northerners.

My whole family is from Florida, my oldest sister married a Northerner, so his family was down to visit.

Next thing we know his Aunt comes running in the house screaming! She said "There are alligators everywhere!!! "


Turns out she thought the little brown lizards where baby alligators!

Poor thing had never seen a lizard and assumed they where alligators.

They never did let her forget that.


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So, after a few more congratulations and pictures at BOG with our newly engaged couple, all of us headed out into the night to enjoy the party. DH and I were more interested in rides, while BIL and SIL were keen to meet characters. But first, candy needed to be obtained. It's not a Halloween party without some trick or treating.

We stopped by Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor to get candy both going in and coming out. They had white chocolate Twix and full size Snickers bars! Privilege! We lingered for a minute or two to hear the monster comedian make fun of somebody's Halloween costume, but with it already going on 8 we needed to keep moving.

We crossed from Tomorrowland over to the Hub, making for Liberty Square. Our hope was that enough people would be pulled away to the first parade, that we could ride Haunted Mansion with a relatively quick wait. That...did not happen. To our disappointment, the line went all the way out of the queue, down the street, and was just about in Frontierland. No matter, we thought! We'll just head over to Pirates, and come back later!

...aaaand once we got to PoC, we discovered just WHY the line for HM had been so long. It turned out PoC was down for some reason, and cast members were turning everyone away. So we traipsed all the way back across Frontierland, and resigned ourselves to the line. But again, with no FP even long lines move quickly, and HM has a fun queue with live "ghosts". We got in the line right at 8, and were entering the stretching room at 8:23.

Once off the ride, it was nearly 9 and Pirates was still down, so we gave up on that ride for the evening. We had a mighty need for funnel cake, so we got some at Sleepy Hollow. I could hear the first parade going by as I checked to see how others' evenings were going. BIL and SIL had met Stitch and were waiting to meet Donald and Daisy. MIL and FIL were watching the first parade from Main Street. They headed out right after.

Once the parade cleared out around 9:45, we decided we might as well go get fireworks spots. We were able to snag a choice location near the Partners statue, but the proverbial available space was filling in fast. We texted BIL and SIL that they should head over if they wanted a good view. Unfortunately, we later found out that they stopped at Sleepy Hollow and got stuck there when the lights were dimmed for the fireworks. They missed the whole show and got ash all over themselves :/

As for the new Halloween fireworks, I'd give the show an 8/10. While I appreciate the amount of pyro, and it was really cool when the fireworks complimented something happening on the castle, at times it was too much because it overshadowed the story/projections. Also, Jack is waaaay too hard to see unless you're close to the castle. As such an integral element of the show he needs to be more visible to everyone. Still, we enjoyed it for the most part.

After the fireworks we rushed over to Main Street and plopped down on the curb with about 7000 other people. The lovebirds found us and plopped down too. We took turns hitting the bathroom while we waited for the parade. Around 11 cast members started imploring people to get their feet off the street so the Headless Horseman wouldn't run them over. It's not a suggestion. Seriously, just follow directions, guys.

Soon enough, the Horseman galloped by, Nick and the Party Patrol did their thing, and the parade began! Love the gravediggers and Constance's haunted wedding reception! I really love anything to do with Haunted Mansion. Now, due to my Maleficent ears and shirt, and the fact that DH and SIL were both pointing at me, when Maleficent's float came by she made eye contact with me, and gave me the nod/smirk of approval! Does this mean I work for Maleficent now? Do you think she has a 401k plan??? Hmm...probably not.

Be that as it may, the parade trailed off and we scurried back over to the Hub for the last Hocus Pocus show. I really liked it, but I was also starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation. With MNSSHP officially in the books, we wandered down Main Street, letting people rush ahead of us. I think we looked in the Emporium a little bit. When we got to the buses, one for Boardwalk was waiting with standing room only.

Apparently we got back to Boardwalk and got into our room, but I remember nothing about it. By the time I went to sleep, I had been awake for 22 hours, which was a lot easier in college. Zzzzzz.

Next time: some more MNSSHP pics and dinner at The Boathouse.


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Can't wait to read more!!

Funny story about Florida and Northerners.

My whole family is from Florida, my oldest sister married a Northerner, so his family was down to visit.

Next thing we know his Aunt comes running in the house screaming! She said "There are alligators everywhere!!! "


Turns out she thought the little brown lizards where baby alligators!

Poor thing had never seen a lizard and assumed they where alligators.

They never did let her forget that.
Awww, we love those little lizards! We call them "tiny friends".


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We did not do a lot the day after the party. Not only were we pretty wiped out, but we decided that any park would be a nightmare on the Saturday of a race weekend, especially Epcot with F&W on top of the marathon. So we gloriously slept in until 11AM and then caught a bus to Disney Springs.

We did a little Christmas shopping, then checked in for an early dinner at the Boathouse. I think this place had the most knowledgeable server we encountered. Really A-plus service. I had Tilapia and DH had Tuna poke. We also shared a Mac and Cheese side which was really spicy.

After a little more wandering around, we headed back to Boardwalk and hopped in the pool. It's a nice pool as long as you don't have an issue with clowns. I then spent the rest of the evening nesting in bed while DH explored the Boardwalk. He brought me a hot dog because he knows the way to my heart.

Here's more of our MNSSHP pics:




Next time: We head back to MK, which has magically transformed into a winter wonderland!



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DFIL and DMIL were meeting friends of theirs at CSR on this day, so only 4 of us rope dropped MK this morning. In the day and a half since we'd been gone, everything was changed over from Halloween to Christmas!

My favorite time of year!
After arriving around 7:45, we went through bag check, then stopped off for coffee and breakfast sandwiches, enjoying the morning at one of the little tables out in front of the Plaza. Around 8:30 a sort of mini-parade happened? Cast members wearing Christmas sweaters and carrying presents came out and did a little dance on Main Street. The music and fanfare freaked out BIL and SIL because they thought the park was opening.

Nevertheless, we headed over to the Hub, slipping past all the people milling around on Main Street. Aside from the huge clump of folks on the bridge to Fantasyland, most people didn't fill in in front of the castle until 8:45 or 8:50. Mickey and his friends wished us all a magical day, and off we went to Frontierland for our first stop at BTMRR. We walked right on. SIL gets apprehensive about roller coasters, but she loved it so much that she wanted to ride it again! When we got back in line the posted wait was 10 minutes (not 110), but we pretty much walked on again, just waiting a couple of minutes to board.

After our second go-around, I wanted to set right what had once gone wrong, and led our group to PoC. Thankfully today it was up and running with only an exaggerated 15 minute wait. A pirate's life for us! Then it was time to use our first FP at Jungle Cruise. I mean, JINGLE Cruise. This is DH's favorite ride at MK, and we've never done the holiday overlay before. BIL said, "This is like if our dad owned a boat company."

After JC, which was now showing a 40 minute wait, the time had come for my date with a Dole Whip. We all got one and took a short break. At this point, crowds were building, and we had an ADR at Skipper Canteen in 30 minutes. BIL and SIL weren't joining us due to SIL's shellfish allergy. They decided to do some shopping and head to Pecos Bill's for lunch. We killed some time at Swiss Family Treehouse, then checked in at Skipper Canteen a little early.

While our hostess yukked it up constantly in the brief time we talked to her, our server didn't make one joke :( I was going to try and persuade DH to get the disgusting looking whole fish, but it didn't seem to be on the menu. So we both got the veggie curry instead, which turned out to be quite good.

While we ate, I got a push notification from Disney. Before I could even read it, a text came from SIL: "Did you cancel our Splash Mountain Fastpass?!"

Next time: have we hit a briar patch?


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So, as suspected, Splash Mountain was down and our FP for it had been changed to a multi-experience FP. As our group's designated fearless leader, everyone left it up to me to decide what to do. I decided we should wait an hour or so to see if the ride came back up, and if not we'd do something else.

We all finished up lunch, and planned to meet up outside Pecos Bill's. I looked over at Splash Mountain, and saw a log full of screaming people drop. The ride was back up! We rushed over to get in line with a ton of other FP holders, not to mention the 60 minute standby wait. Still, they were moving FP people through quickly and we were on a log within 10 minutes.

Splash got me good this time. I took a spray of water right to the face, and the whole left half of me soaked through. With temps in the mid 80s, though, I can't say I was uncomfortable. After drying off a bit, we proceeded to our last FP at Mine Train. It had a 90 minute posted wait. It's a great ride but I wish it was a little longer.


Once off the ride, I pulled up MDE to see how the FP situation looked. At 2PM...not great. Small World, Mad Tea Party, Philharmagic and the usual anytime attractions were about it for groups of 4. Splitting us into 2 groups of 2 yielded Buzz Lightyear 3 hours in the future. BIL and SIL really wanted to do Space Mountain, but I refreshed the whole walk to Tomorrowland with no luck. Then I realized why: Space Mountain was down, with no wait time posted.

We've never seen SM with the lights on, so we got in line for the People mover. Even that sported a long line, but we still boarded in about 15 minutes. The ride looks way more messed up when you can see where you're going.

Since DH and I were coming back later for the HEA Dessert Party, we left BIL and SIL with their Buzz FP and took a resort break. The other two did eventually get to ride Space Mountain when it came back up. I forgot to ask how long they waited; SM is my least favorite coaster so I was fairly ok with not having the opportunity to get a misaligned vertebrae.

Next time: Casey's Corner and dealin' with hooligans at the Dessert Party.



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It's so fun being there for the change over from Halloween to Christmas! Looking forward to hearing about the hooligans.


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We returned to MK around 6:30 to grab a bite at Casey's Corner. The place was jam packed with people. We waited a good 15 or 20 minutes for them to call our number. Did I remember to use mobile order? Of course not! I felt less bad about myself, though, once I got outside to hear a woman screaming on her phone to somebody that "They only have hot dogs here!" I mean, at least I knew that much.

We tried to eat our delicious, unhealthy mac and cheese dogs slowly, but still wound up ready to check in for the Dessert party at about 7:45. We did the after fireworks dessert party so we were the first ones to enter the viewing area. We made ourselves comfortable and entertained ourselves with phone games. Other people started trickling in after 8, and by 8:30 the viewing area had gotten pretty filled up. Still, everyone had plenty of room to stretch their legs out if they wanted, and you could put your stuff next to you without worrying about having to move it.


They had cast members posted at both gates leading into the Plaza garden to ensure people without a wristband didn't enter. However, as the Hub became a zoo after 8:30, each cast member had more and more to attend to. A couple if groups took it upon themselves to open the closed gate into the garden and try to walk in, before they were gently shooed away when spotted doing so. These people made an honest mistake and apologized. Not so with a gentleman who I will refer to as Tall Jerk, or TJ for short.

So, 20 minutes before fireworks time this guy walks over to the gate, and looks over at all of us in the reserved area. He looks over at the cast member, who is distracted and helping someone in an ECV. He looks back at us. He looks back at the still-distracted cast member. And he proceeds to step over the gate, and begin scoping out a place to sit.

The lady seated next to DH and I was ON this nonsense immediately. "Hey, you need a wristband to be in here."

With this big grin on his face, he replies "Oh, I was just going to cut through here to get to the bathrooms."

"You still need a wristband."

" I just thought it would be quicker."

"You still need a wristband."


Still wearing the same grin, TJ walks away from us, still looking for a spot to sit. After a couple seconds he looked back over his shoulder to see if we were still watching him. We were! When the lady next to us got up to flag down a cast member, he bolted. And oddly, not in the direction of the bathroom ;)

With TJ gone, we settled back down, and before we knew it HEA started. I know this is totally not a minority opinion, but HEA is hands down the best nighttime entertainment WDW currently offers. Really amazing show. I've got something in both my eyes, who's chopping onions around here?

As Josh has mentioned before, the desserts themselves are probably the least important part of the Dessert party. But I would absolutely pay for the reserved viewing area again, TJ notwithstanding. Having finished our sweets, we headed out with Once Upon A Time playing on the castle. Farewell, MK!

Next time: We rope drop Toy Story land, and A JOSH SIGHTING


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On this day the whole family met in the Boardwalk lobby at 7:30, and we decided to save our feet/travel in style by taking a Minnie Van to the Studios. One arrived within 5 minutes, and we had a super nice, bubbly driver. We arrived at HS about 7:50, and already the lines were backed up almost to the ticket booths. We got in the leftmost line and kept an eye on the breakfast reservation tapstiles.

The breakfast tapstiles converted to regular ones about 8:05, and at 8:15 we were allowed to scan in and walk up to the Chinese Theater. As we all stood around waiting, I looked ahead - and who did I spot 3 people in front of me? None other than the man himself, Easy WDW Josh! He seemed to be with another dude, both taking pictures. He and his friend have matching bucket hats :)


We made the blog! We're in the lower left of this picture. The gentleman in the beige hat is DFIL. DMIL is the lady with the sunglasses and headband. I'm standing slightly behind her. DH is behind me looking down.

Finally, at about 8:45 they let us start the long walk back to Toy Story Land. We didn't concern ourselves too much with folks speed walking past us since we were headed to TSMM first. We walked right on at 8:55, and were off at 9:03. Already, the TSMM wait time had jumped to 30 minutes when we came out, but Swirling Saucers was still at only 10 minutes. Please remember to keep your tails, antennae, teeth and claws inside the vehicle. Whee!


After the saucers, we bid goodbye to Toy Story Land for now. Josh was taking pictures of SDD as we walked out of the land. We had FP for SDD the next day, so 4 of us were off to Sunset Boulevard while DMIL and DFIL headed out on their own.

As we arrived at RnR, the posted wait time jumped from 20 minutes to 40, which presented a problem as we had a FP at ToT that had opened. If we got in line for RnR we'd likely miss our FP window, so we rode ToT first which now had an 80 minute wait. By the time we got off it was 115 minutes. SIL almost ripped BIL's arm off, but she survived our drop in the elevator!

From here, we backtracked to RnR, where the wait inched up to 70 minutes. BIL and SIL wanted to wait, but DH and I decided to pass and head to our next FP at ST. The wait wasn't horrendous, but FP saved us 25 minutes at least. We met up there with MIL and FIL. They've added all the new characters and planets from the 7th and 8th episodes so we got a bunch of scenes we haven't had before.


We texted BIL and SIL to see where they were. They had...just made it inside the building at RnR. We had a lunch ADR soon, so we stopped to watch A Galaxy Far, Far away before checking in at Brown Derby. It's relaxing place if a little odd to have the servers dressed more nicely than every single guest.

After lunch the group of 6 again met, and we used our throwaway FP at Muppetvision. BIL and SIL really wanted to ride RnR again but without waiting an hour. DMIL was able to find a FP but not until 7:50 at night. DH and I decided we were about done for the day, and caught a boat back to Boardwalk for some pool time and Ample Hills. Yum!


Next time: Our Galaxy's Edge day!


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This was the first day that DH and I rope dropped by ourselves. The rest of the family had spent the entire day at HS the day before, only leaving after Fantasmic! They'd also watched Frozen, BATB, Little Mermaid and used FP at RnR. So needless to say they were pretty wiped and wanted to sleep in.

We arrived at HS a bit earlier this time, about 7:40. Bag check did not open until 7:45 which seems to be the new opening procedure. Everything else went pretty much the same, breakfast tapstiles converted at 8:05, we walked up to the Chinese Theater at 8:15, and they let us go about 8:45.

The walk back to Smuggler's Run is way more uncomfortable than the walk to TS Land. For one thing it's about 3 times as long. For another, there are more points where everyone squeezes together and has to jostle because groups are trying to stay together, some people are trying to speed walk ahead, etc. Hopefully this situation gets a little bit remedied when RotR opens and everybody isn't going to the same place.

At any rate, we reached the Smuggler's Run entrance at 8:56. Although I'm thankful that we could walk on to the ride, I also found myself feeling mildly rushed because we didn't have much time to look at the queue. I spotted a couple Porg nests, though ;)

In the chess room, DH and I were assigned to be gunners, but one of the pilots didn't want to be a pilot so she traded with him. DH got to fly the Falcon! A nerdy boy dream come true. I think we did average as far as our performance. We stole like one canister of the stuff we were supposed to get, and only crashed a few times, so yeah. I would have loved to ride again, but we had other things to do that did not involve an hour waiting in line.

After SR we moseyed over to Ronto Roasters for some breakfast. Their breakfast wraps are quite tasty. While we ate DH started messing around in the app that lets you play different games in GE and gain reputation as well as translate the Aurebesh written on everything. After breakfast, we just wandered a bit and took in the atmosphere of Black Spire Outpost. The land is so detailed and immersive.


Chewy, Rey, and Finn seemed to be working on their X-Wing. We would see the first two at various points throughout the rest of the day, but we didn't see Finn again.

We went ahead and used FP at Star Tours again, leaving GE for the moment. We had Jar Jar helping us again :/

At this point we got a text that DMIL and DFIL had arrived in the park, so we kept the Star Wars going by looking around in Launch Bay while we waited for them to do ST again. BIL and SIL were still back at Boardwalk getting ready, but if you're gonna miss a FP, Star Tours is one of the less disastrous ones to have expire.

At 11:30 we headed over to our ADR at Sci-Fi Dine-In. I actually really enjoyed the setting, and stuck to a burger so my food was fine. DH and I are aficionados of bad cinema, and we were actually recognizing and naming a lot of the movie trailers before the title came up. Thank you, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

After lunch, the family reconvened for our second FP of the day at Indy. Stuff blowing up is always a crowd pleaser. DFIL got picked to be an extra! That was probably the highlight of the trip for him.


Next time: Slinky Dog, Droids n' Lightsabers, and Oga's Cantina. Also the Millenium Falcon might be on fire.


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After coming out of Indiana Jones, the rest of the family all wanted to ride Smuggler's Run. The wait time had gone up to 60 minutes, but our Slinky FP didn't open for an hour so we had the time. Since we'd done SR already, DH and I opted for RnR instead. We planned to do our respective rides in standby, then meet in Toy Story Land for SDD.

Well, things went fine for us, but at 3PM, as we were headed to Toy Story Land, we got a text from DFIL. The others had waited 45 minutes in line only to be turned away just before entering the indoor queue because, rumor had it, the ride caught fire. :0 I kind of didn't buy that because it seems like they'd probably clear out GE completely if something was actually burning. This story remains in development.

We had a half hour to use our SDD fast passes. The others talked amongst themselves, and decided to skip SDD in order to wait and see if SR came back up. *shrug* So DH and I proceeded to ride SDD by ourselves. We waited about 5 minutes in line with FP, but some how that was still enough time to hear "Bienvenido a Slinky Dog Dash!" Like 73 times.


I'm the only weirdo who doesn't put my hands up on a roller coaster. We really like Slinky Dog. It's a cute and fun ride, but not so tame as to be boring.

After Slinky, we needed to rejoin the family because we had a Droid building reservation at 3:30. They still hadn't gotten to ride SR, as it was still down, but thankfully not actually on fire. Turned out they had to shut the ride down because the smoke detectors went off due to some idiot vaping on the ride. :\ Are you kidding me.

Anyway, we were off to Droid Depot. Oh man. It was fun to make our own droids, but the depot is VERY loud and VERY crowded. Also you need to put the droid together via IKEA style directions, which some people do not have an aptitude for, which caused backup at some of the building stations, since you need to select your parts and then wait for a building station to open up. Once the building commenced, though, things went pretty smoothly. SIL made a purple BB8, BIL made an R2 unit, and DFIL made a classic R2D2.



Once finished at Droid Depot, we had 2 hours for dinner and just looking around GE before our lightsaber reservation. DH and I weren't terribly hungry since we'd had a good breakfast and lunch, but did want to get off our feet. So we went back to Ronto Roasters, ordered drinks and some weird chips, and just people - watched the goings on of Black Spire Outpost.

Kylo Ren is not here to take selfies with you.


A citizen of Black Spire Outpost is helping Rey hide from Stormtroopers.


Next time: We build lightsabers and visit Oga's Cantina.


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During our two hour break between making droids and making lightsabers, the rest of our group finally got to ride Smuggler's Run. DFIL and DBIL got to be pilots, and DMIL and DSIL were gunners. Meanwhile DH and I did some shopping in the marketplace area. I adopted a Loth cat. The cast members at the Creature Stall will clap and cheer when one of their animals gets a new home.


Soon enough it was 6PM and time to build our Jedi weapons. It's treated as an actual ceremony, and much less chaotic.



Till the spire!

As soon as we got outside with our new collectibles, we became immediately aware of everyone's favorite Florida weather phenomenon: sudden thunderstorms! It's a good thing they give you a carrying case for those lightsabers. The majority of Galaxy's Edge is open air, so our group and just about everybody else ran back to Ronto Roasters for cover.

We didn't have to wait terribly long, but the rain poured for a good half hour before starting to taper off. We ventured out with our umbrellas to Oga's Cantina. As has been the case, even if you have a reservation you're still gonna wait outside a little bit. Ours was for 7:30 but they didn't let us in until about 7:45.

So, Oga's Cantina is...interesting. You will probably like it if you enjoy being with a lot of people, listening to loud music and screaming your conversations to each other. If you don't, the place may not live up to the hype. The cast members to not seem to be doing the "We're mean to the customers" shtick. However, at one point DJ R3X started playing some song which all the cast members had to sing/clap along with, adding to the cacophony. SIL got the drink that came in the Porg cup. I had a Jedi Mind Trick. We also ordered some Batuu Bits which is like a space party mix. Overall, I feel like the atmosphere is cool in the Cantina, but some of it is lost when you're packed like sardines and everyone is yelling.


By the time we left Oga's, the rain had stopped and we were done. I think this was our longest park day, as DH and I almost did rope drop to fireworks. The boats had been shut down due to lightning, so we limped to the front of the park and grabbed a Lyft home. See you again when RoTR is open, Galaxy's Edge.


Next Time: Pandora!