A 'one night' resort recommendation


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I'm booked in the Sheraton Vistana from April 28-May 5 (Sat. to Sat.). Turns out, we're now flying out on Sunday morning (flights via Sanford airport were $200 cheaper, but flights depart in the am - didn't want to lose a day by flying home in the am, so we're flying out Sunday). That means I need a place to stay Saturday night.

Current plans for Saturday are to check out of Vistana, breakfast at WCC, MK for fillers/shows/couple FPs until 4pm - then check in at ?????. We'd most likely just relax by the pool for the night (may be DTD, but unlikely).

I'm thinking of just booking a DTD resort for the night, most likely the Best Western (with Mousesavers rate). I have the option of stay an extra night at Vistana for $200, but that eats up my whole savings just for a place to sleep. Also, we could do a value resort with some sort of room-only or AP discount.

Any recommendation on a DTD hotel? Any thoughts on staying at a DTD hotel vs staying at Vistana or a value resort?



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The Downtown Disney resorts are pretty decent for being "just a room." I can't comment on which are better, though. You'll have a car I assume? There are a ton of off-site hotels around there that may be better. A TON!!!


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What time is your flight Sun am- or maybe I should ask how far away is Sanford airport?
I'd look for something closer to the airport to make next am easier. (Assuming a car)
I don't think any of the DTD hotels are worth the price when there are so many other offsites that are perfectly fine.


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
The flight isn't until 10:45 and Sanford airport is only about 20 minutes further than MCO (although it's a smaller airport, so hopefully shorter check-in/security) - so it won't be an early enough morning that we need to stay near the airport (I'd like to keep the Disney vacation feeling going as long as possible).

The Best Western at DTD is just under $100, so I thought that was a good deal (and convenient to DTD in case we wanted to head over there). I figured other decent, local hotels would be more expensive. But maybe not... I'll look around.

Just really looking for a nice pool and an outside bar where we can get drinks, as we'd probably just be hanging out there after we check-in (unless we're up for DTD). Although we'll be at home by 2pm Sunday, it's back to work Monday without a buffer day, so I wanted to have a nice relaxing (but fun) night. We'll treat Friday as our 'last night' and stay out late.


Hi Janine.

We just stayed there in Sept and will stay there again for 3 of our 5 nights. It's not a glamorous place, by any means, but it seems like what you're looking for. We're staying there on the days when we'll be in the parks all day and don't need a fancy schmancy hotel. The price is real good, you get a very simple continental breakfast, and I guess a couple drinks in the bar when going through Mousesavers.

The pool is about what you'd expect...very, very basic. There is also a jacuzzi. I didn't see any outside bar, but of course, you can always just take your drinks out there. The reason that I booked this hotel is because the view on the Disney side is quite good and it's a very tall building. I requested a high floor and had a great view of Wishes and Illum. I could also see a part of DTD if I looked off to the side from the balcony. For $10 more through Mousesavers, you can have a real nice view of the 2 fireworks shows, DTW, and the lake. It's very quiet at night and early in the morning and is nice to sit out on the (very little) balcony, and have a view of the lake with all the dense trees around it.

It's not top of the line, but I think it's well worth the price.


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Check out Hotwire, they are very honest about their star ratings and also show how many customers would recommend the specific hotel in question. We've never had a bad deal through them. They've got a 3-star, recommended by 75% of the people who've stayed there, for $31 for the night of the 5th.

I don't know how many people are in your party, but Priceline is an option for a couple, or a couple with small children (only one Queen-size bed is guaranteed - anything else is only by request and may not be honored).

Before booking through either of these options, check Travelocity to see what the regular going prices are on the date you're looking at and in the area around DW. You can get Whyndam Lake Buena Vista for $79 prepaid, heck they've got Seralago Hotel and Suites for $42 if you prepay.

I mean, really, all you need is a comfortable bed in a clean room and a safe location, right? And you're doing this to save money, right? I know it's easy to spend when we're using Disney Math, but in this case, "keep your eyes on the prize" (coming home with as much of that extra $200 as possible - or spending it on something you really want) and don't spend too much on something that doesn't matter as much (a place to sleep for one night).


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And if you use Hotwire - check out betterbidding.com. They can help you figure out what hotel it is that you are bidding on. I used it when we booked with Hotwire for Boston this summer.


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
Thanks Pam - I got the Sheraton Safari Hotel (1 mile from DTD) for $50. I'm happy with that!