A Perfect Studios Day! October 30, 2021


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I’m sitting in our room this afternoon still smiling over how our morning went at DHS.

We got up at 6:30 (we are only morning people at Disney) and bought Genie + for our party of 3. At 7, I booked LL for SDD 10:25 to 11:25 and my wife bought ILL for Rise for 9:45 to 10:45.

We are staying at Wilderness Lodge with a rental car so we left our parking lot at 7:45 and we were parked around 8. We walked straight into the park and got in line for MMRR. At 8:30, the line started moving and we were in the first pre show and I think on the third set of ride vehicles departing. We were out at about 8:50 and made our way down Sunset Boulevard. There we walked on RNRR and Tower (front row for both!) before making our way to Galaxy’s Edge. So far things are going to plan and early entry is paying off!

I think we got to GE a little before 9:30. Falcon was showing 15 minutes so we hopped in line. I didn’t time it but it felt accurate and I got to Pilot! While we were in line I mobile ordered some Ronto Wraps for pickup when we were done. I had noticed a blurb in Genie about being able to book another LL after 10 so I checked on this while we were eating and booked TSMM for 11:10 beginning return. This is when our first potential hiccup popped up. Our Slinky LL had changed to an any attraction because it was down. It had been a little rainy this morning so maybe that was why. We made our way to Rise and being able to walk almost straight in made ILL worth every penny!

After Rise, Genie was still showing our SDD as an any attraction but Slink was showing a wait time so we made our way to Toy Story we were able to walk onto the ride. Coming off that, our TSMM window was opening so we knocked that out. At this point we had hit all of our priority rides and it wasn’t yet noon.

To wrap up our time at Studios, I made ASS (teenage me giggles) for 12:05ish and we made our way back around to watch the Muppets Show and have Pizzarizzo (my wife and daughter love that place). We made another pass thru GE to ride Saucers then thru the gift shop and to the parking lot.

I’m obviously thrilled with all that we accomplished and pleased with early entry and Genie +. We never felt rushed and I never felt like I was glued to my phone. Hopefully writing this report doesn’t jinx the rest of our trip but I had to share what has been an almost too perfect day! So far… lol