A second December trip?! On New Year's Eve too?! (12/30/2019-1/1/2020 PTR)


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This trip has been something on my bucket list for quite some time. My parents have told me for years that I "shouldn't go on New Year's Eve." But that's soon all about to change......

You see, I not only have a trip planned for 12/6-12/7, but also for 12/30-1/1! This will be the VERY FIRST time I step foot into Walt Disney World on New Year's Eve! I know, I know.... It's very busy, the parks hit capacity, yada yada yada. But, you don't know that. I've faced heavy crowds during Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break, and a few other times too, but those were nothing.... compared to what I am about to face. I am renewing my AP, and bumping it up to Platinum. And during the trip on 12/6-12/7, I am going to upgrade my current Gold AP to Platinum so that should get me past the blackout dates! Crossing my fingers I can do my FP+ on the 31st of this month.

Ok, enough blabbing by me. Here's the logistics:

  • Resort - Disney's Art of Animation Resort
  • Room - Little Mermaid Standard
  • Check-In: December 30
  • Check-Out: January 1
  • Length of Stay: 3 days, 2 nights
Itinerary -
December 30, 2019

  • Travel down to WDW via my usual SunRail/Lynx routing, transfering to AOA at Disney Springs
  • Check-in, settle in, visit resort
  • Go to Disney Springs, ADR at the Edison, may do a bit of shopping
December 31, 2019 - New Year's Eve!

  • Planning to knock down two, perhaps (in a "best case situation") three (may bump up to four), parks in one day, starting at Magic Kingdom and ending at Magic Kingdom
  • Order is likely going to be:
    • Magic Kingdom (AM EMH likely 7am)
    • Epcot
    • Animal Kingdom (crowds permitting)
    • Magic Kingdom
January 1, 2019 - New Year's Day

  • Amtrak 98 from Kissimmee to Winter Park and Uber back home to my apartment in Lake Mary - transfer to station via Disney Skyliner to Studios/Bus to Poly and walk to TTC/Lynx Link 56


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Here's to a fun trip!

I can't help asking, why do you like doing multi-park days when you have a 3 day trip and an AP? I understand wanting to see everything if you only have 1 day. Or keeping ticket costs down if using day tickets. But if I were in this situation I would go to 3 parks over 3 days. Use 9 pre-booked FP instead of 3. And cut down on all the park to park transportation time on NYE when there is likely to be bad traffic and you may get stuck on a bus for several hours.

I understand when using public transit to and from your home there is less flexibility. But I'd definitely try to do a few hours at a park on arrival day and maybe a RD morning plus 3 FP on departure day and plan on getting home late if that's a possibility. Maybe make the arrival and departure days AK and HS. Then on NYE day you can hop between MK and Epcot via monorail and not have to worry about road traffic (although monorail lines and waits get crazy too)?

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You'll never get all that in on the 31st due to travel times. Even the buses get stuck. I can take hours just to get to the parking lots
As a resort guest you won't have any capacity problems so don't worry about that.

Why are you spending the 30th at DS? There are NYE fireworks that night at MK. Go there on the 30th and then to Epcot on the 31st.
Forget spending hours on the road just to hop