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Good morning everybody- welcome to the new forum! Wasn't Josh sweet to create this for us?
I'm going to move all FP Plus questions here today and then will see about organizing the info.

Until the testing is over and FP Plus is actually live/online I don't think we should post anything more than questions/answers about the process.
I think there are still too many unknowns to setup Stickies.
For now we'll just keep this forum as a FP Plus catch all place.

Questions about how to book and/or use your FP Plus options during testing are welcome.
Discussions about how we think it all may play out once rolled out are fine.
Questions about Magic Bands and experiences with them would also fit here.
Reports on how your FP Plus/Magic Band experience worked during testing are fine, etc...

If you need help/advice about tour plans created using FP Plus- post those plans in Theme Park Touring Forum (at least for now!)
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Sigh. Ok, so we just got back from our 5wk summer vacation in Europe and decided to go to Disney for march break. Yeah! We've been 6 times now but the last was May 2012. I came online trying to find out 'what's new' as I did know the new FL would be up and running by now (at least part of it) and they did stop honouring out of time FP just before our last trip. I figured there would be new stuff. I keep seeing FP+ mentioned but for the life of me, I have no idea what this is. I'm trying, I swear. I'm just not hitting the right posts. I keep finding things that go with the assuming that someone knows what it is. I'm thinking its a FP system for people staying onsite, but not like Universals system. Maybe something where you can prebook in advance like dining? Is it dependant on staying on site? Does it depend on the category of onsite resort? More for deluxe than value? Do you have to have a package with tix and hotel?Can you buy it if you're not on site? Are there limits to the number of bookings you can make? See... I'm so confused. And sorry as I'm sure this info is somewhere, I just can't hit on it for some reason.


Peanut butter is yummy.
Hi Joanne,

Right now it is still just in testing phase- by next March it should be fully functional- but no one can say for sure if/when/how it will all work

I hate to point nice people to DIS but I have just spent the am reading thru all the FP Plus info over there and think you'll probably find some of it useful-
Here is a link- there are a lot of threads there but this one is the DIS catch all with links to other useful info.


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OMG. Painful!

One last question, as I read way too many pages and still didn't find it. We're trying to figure out whether to stay onsite or offsite for this trip. I said I'd never stay offsite again but we just got back from a very long and very expensive vacation and well, Disney cheap is better than no Disney at all :) So, before I book, does anyone know if FP+ will be available to all guests, and not just onsite guests, when it rolls out fully by next spring?


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Everything I have read indicates FP+ will be available to all guests, the only requirement will be a valid park ticket.

I am interested to see how this will work once it is all up and running, but I am almost glad we don't plan to return until 2015. I love WDW, but the "unknown" of all this goes against my nature :)