Adding a day to ticket OR adding park hopper


I wanted to make sure I'm looking at these numbers correctly. Our original trip was scheduled for April -- 5 nights, and 5-day park tickets, with 4 full days in the parks and a half-day on departure day. The plan was to spend one full day at EP, one at MK, one at HS, start one day at AK and hop to EP, and the half-day at MK. We hadn't added the hopper to our package but were planning to soon.

Now our trip is rescheduled to October. Kind of a bummer to have to wait a good bit longer but with the way it falls, we're able to stay another night and make that half park day a full park day. On departure day, we would just hang out at the resort or something until it's time to board DME in the early afternoon. We still only want to visit AK for a little while (basically just for Flight of Passage), so again we were planning on adding park hopper later once our itineraries are more solid. However...this morning I got to thinking: would it be cheaper to just add a day to our park tickets and go to AK the morning of our departure, instead of adding park hopper?

From what I understand, it costs $85 to add park hopper onto a 4 to 10 day ticket, and there's about a $15 dollar difference between a 5-day ticket and a 6-day ticket? So adding a day would cost about $30 for the two of us, vs. an extra $170 to add park hopper to both of our tickets. Would this be correct??


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Yes, that sounds right. I personally don't like going to a park on departure day, but we've never left in the evening. If your flight is late enough, adding an extra day is probably a cost effective option.


We always try and take the latest flight home and always hit a park or Disney Springs bc we have so much available time. Remember that if you are using Magical Express plan for a pick up approximately 3 hours prior to your flight. So for example, my flight this past October was at 1055 pm so we planned on pickup for 730 so we had enough time to hit MK prior for a few favorite rides and some treats for home.

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We love going to a park on departure day! We have for the past five trips. It softens the blow of having to leave, at least a little ;)

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Sounds right to me. I’d add the day vs Hopper.