Advice for AK semi-lazy rope drop

For a medium crowd day (mid-week in late August) with a 9am opening (no EMH) would it be feasible to be at the tapstiles ~8:30 and do Navi River then KS standby and still make the 10am Lion King show? This will be our 7th day so I am optimistically assuming we will get a FoP FP+ 66 days out.



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I wouldn't. KS is often 45 minutes start to finish with FP. I would do Navi or KS at RD but not try both. Unless you are ok with best case 50% chance of making it to 10 am Lion King show.


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Thanks. With Pandora typically opening before the rest of the park I didn't know if it would be feasible to do Navi and essentially RD KS afterwards.
That is why I'd give it a 50% chance of working. If Navi wasn't open before park open it would be 0%.

The issue is even if you are off Navi at 9 am and at KS at 9:05 you are still behind everyone else who starts at KS that arrived at RD. That's usually not a lot of people. But when you only have a 10 minute buffer it could be the difference between making it to FLK or not. If you are fine with that then go for it! I personally would be watching the clock through KS and it would detract from my enjoyment. But it might not be a big deal for you.


I'd put the odds of success at a little greater than 50%, but it's certainly not a sure thing. Sounds like most days you could be at KS before 9am, though who knows what they will be doing in August. If you are able to schedule your FOP FP+ for 10 am, then you could hit the 10 am FotLK if you can make it, and if not, hustle to FOP and still have a shot at 11 am FotLK.

Here's a Josh post from February where he went to KS after doing Navi twice (in an earlier post); he was done with KS by 9:39 am. Josh was there earlier than 8:30, but you could probably hit his timing for his second Navi ride, if you're really at the tapstiles at 8:30 and walk with purpose.

I also agree with Anne, though, that the prospect of constantly checking my watch or phone would affect my experience unless I had a solid Plan B ready to go.
It *could* work, but you'd be checking your watch and tapping your toes on KS. It's just not fast. And sometimes it even starts late. We had an experience not too long ago where the first truck didn't even show up till 9:15, and you wouldn't be at the front of the line when it did if that happened to you.

I had an experience a few weeks ago where it would have worked, but it would have been close. We got there around 8:00 to rope drop FoP, but I couldn't ride it because my youngest child is too short. I stayed in line with my other taller children till they made it to the official entrance where you can get a rider switch, then I spent a few minutes in Pandora using the restroom and looking at my app to see what kind of return window I got for my rider switch. (It was all day, for those of you who are curious.) I decided to go do KS with my little one, which involved going out the path to the Tree of Life because the Africa bridge is used for the FoP line early in the morning. When I got to Africa, I was there for my second rope drop of the morning, but it was within about 3 minutes of me arriving there. The line for KS moved steadily and quickly, but it still felt like it took F O R E V E R. It's such a long queue, and it just seemed to stretch out. I went straight to Asia when it was done and met my kids at about 9:45 as they were coming off EE. They had texted me when they were about to board FoP, and it was before I even made the stroller drop off in the KS line. So it might have worked that particular morning if Navi was running right at the Pandora rope drop, but it would be really close.