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DD has a tree nut allergy (cashews, almonds, pecans, etc), and over the past few years Disney has gotten more lax and not as attentive as they use to be about the allergies, and I know I always wonder when I book a new restaurant how they will treat her allergy and what accommodations they have to and are willing to make for her. So, I thought I would post a quick review of the different restaurants we went to this past week for any other allergy people wondering how accommodating certain places are. We usually have problems with desserts and salad bars, also most Asian foods.

Beaches and Cream - they did fairly well. We got the kitchen sink and DD was able to have the ice cream (as long as it wasn't a flavor from their to go side), the whip cream, sauces and cherries, but most of the other toppings we got in a separate bowl that DH and I could have some but they weren't safe for her. She loved it though and was very happy. Staff seemed annoyed by her allergies but did accommodate. 7/10

Mortimotos - Very good job. DD wanted sushi and that was no problem. She also got a wonderful dessert of ice cream and berries with flowers, she loved it. She was also able to try some of my ribs as those were safe for her as well. They were great about the allergy and very accommodating. 9/10

Askershsus - they did good, had breakfast there, she was able to have everything on the platter that comes out, half the buffet wasn't safe for her, none of the pastries and things, but she was brought out some allergy friendly blueberry muffins that she liked a lot so she was happy with that. 8/10

Yatchsmen - they did very good as well. She wasn't that hungry so she had some of my steak and then ordered the painted mickey puzzle for dessert. Everything was safe for her, and they were very nice about making sure she got something she wanted. 9/10

CRT - they did good, same allergy free muffins from Askershsus were here also, so that was good, she got the traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, etc. Overall good experience. 8/10

HDDR - Everything here was safe for her, except the dessert. Chef went out of his way to make her a special dessert that was very similar to the strawberry short cake, it was very sweet. She ended up not eating much of it though because the cake he made was also gluten free, and you could tell, it was not very good. But the fact that he tried was much appreciated. 9/10

Garden Grill - breakfast again, they did well. She wasn't able to have the cinnamon rolls and the nutella was obviously a no go, so they brought out those blueberry muffins again and she got her own platter without the nutella on it. Overall good experience 8/10

Cape May Dinner - Great experience. Everything on the menu was safe for her. even the desserts. She was so excited but usually at the buffets she is stuck with the ice cream but here she got so many options. It was wonderful, we had to go through and explain what a lot of it was to her, because she had never had a meringue before for example. It is always great to see her get to just enjoy that stuff. 8/10

Hollywood and Vine breakfast - This was the first time she got to have a pastry, like ever. They were safe for her, which was surprising. She has never had one before and love it. Otherwise we were basically just handed the allergy menu and left to fend for ourselves on the buffet, which was fine because it was a buffet so lots of options. 7/10

Hurricane Hanna - most of the food here was safe for her, except the cookies that come with the kids meal, she couldn't have it and they didn't have any alternatives. Not the end of the world, and you can't expect much from a pool bar. Not much experience dealing with allergies here. There is a reason we do mainly table service, they deal with the allergies much better on average. 5/10

50's Prime Time - They handled her allergy really well. She was able to find something she wanted on the kids menu, she was also able to get a milk shake, which she enjoyed. They were very understanding. 8/10

Crystal Palace lunch - they did good. She was able to have most things, and even had a couple of dessert options. Staff just basically handed us the allergy menu and we were left to fend for ourselves, which was okay here because there were different options on the buffet for her. 7/10

Be Our Guest dinner- Worst allergy experience of the trip. Hardly anything on the menu was safe for her. She ended up with cheese and grapes for an app, it was the standard adult menu app without the crackers since those weren't safe, she said they were gross, and honestly they looked gross. Main meal was safe, she had the steak and it was okay, dessert, I knew going in nothing was safe but was hopeful they would do something to accommodate her. I was sorely mistaken. The Chef basically just shrugged and said that he could get her some sorbet. None of the dessert could even be made safe for her, like they did with the app. I thought worse case she could at least have some grey stuff, as she has had it in the past, but with new menu they couldn't even give her the grey stuff. When she saw at the other tables the cute little tea cups and such and she was handed a bowl with some sorbet in it, nothing to even dress it up she looked like she was going to cry. She felt better after DH and I tasted ours, and honestly told her that it was not good. Her sorbet actually tasted a lot better than what we were served. On a side note, I don't like the new menu, food was between okay and not good. 4/10

Trattoria al Forno breakfast - They did great. None of the pastries were safe, which is normal, what was surprising is they had no allergy free options, most other restaurants had allergy free muffins or something. The manager felt bad and ran to the bakery next door and brought her some pre packaged allergy free cupcakes to make up for it though, which was so sweet and thoughtful. She got the pancakes as her meal and was very happy with that. 10/10

Tiffins - Another great experience. She was able to have some of the bread service appetizer we shared; she ordered the kids shrimp with fries and really enjoyed that. She was also able to have the trio of ice creams for dessert with a couple of small modifications by the Chef. Overall a great experience, and wonderful food. Great last night meal. 10/10

Cape May Breakfast - Good experience, and for the second time she was able to have the pastries. She was super excited about that. The staff was very helpful. 8/10

Just so people are aware, my ratings are based on how they handled the allergy and how many allergy free options or modifications they could make for the allergy, not on the quality of the food. Overall it was a good experience at most places with her allergy.

Hopefully this helps someone else trying to figure out which restaurants are helpful and which aren't.


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Thanks Cindy, your write up is helpful. I would agree with your rating of BOG dinner. We went last November and the server basically shrugged his shoulders and said "About all I can give you is pasta," due my double strike-vegetarian and mushroom allergy.

Your daughter is a trooper-it's tough to see exciting/pretty things at another table and be left with, well something meh. Glad she had some good experiences!
Thanks for sharing! I always hate when the servers seem annoyed by allergies, it's not like it's something one can help having. I have a gluten allergy, pretty severe and I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating most Disney restaurants were. I'm happy your daughter had some nice experiences


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Thanks for sharing! I always hate when the servers seem annoyed by allergies, it's not like it's something one can help having. I have a gluten allergy, pretty severe and I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating most Disney restaurants were. I'm happy your daughter had some nice experiences
Yes, it is so frustrating! I think the problem is they are more overwhelmed with dietary needs than when the program started. For a variety of reasons. And the servers are now taking on more of the process and the chefs less.

We had 100% positive allergy experiences at Disney, but it's been 4 years since my son got cleared on his allergy and we haven't needed the allergy options.

I was especially sad to hear about BoG. We had the most wonderful chef helping us there right after they opened. Sounds like the experience is not even close now :-(


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Thank you! I have a very unusual allergy (radishes) and WDW has always done a fantastic job steering me in the right direction, especially with salads.


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It is hard planning with allergies! My DH has shellfish and mammal meat allergies. Most people don't believe the mammal meat is real (alpha-gal allergy)!

Plus the rest of us are vegetarian! I wonder if items listed as vegan are cooked safely?

Anyway, nice reviews!! Thanks