Allstar Music


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We stayed at AS Music for two nights March 27-29. We have stayed here in the past and I wanted to post that we had a nice stay. I was really impressed with how nice the pools are since they installed the fence and landscaping.

Our room was clean. One issue we had was with bedding. We called housekeeping because we only had sheets on the bed. We were missing the comforter. This is new since our stay here in 2015.
The lobby needs some work. One side with a counter is just a dead area with nothing going. There are games spilling out of the arcade. There was a neat red carpet photo area but they should add a character to meet with. If the kids could see Mickey first thing while Granny changed dining reservations it would be more Disney.
Overall a nice place to fall down after a long day of mommy's special dole whips and 13 hours at the parks.


Outside of our last stay, we have always stayed at POP. The only thing we use the resorts for is to sleep and shower. Once we leaving in the morning, we don't go back until night. I've stayed away from the All Star resorts because I heard and read that they all share buses. How was your experience with the buses?
I stayed at the All-Star Movies Nov 6-12, 2017 and caught buses back and forth from All-Star Music and the All-Star Movie and neither ever shared a bus with each other or any other resort. We travelled for RD, after RD, at noon, in early evening, nightfall and near midnight.
We stayed there almost the exact same time you were a few weeks ago.

I thought the addition of the arcade games in the lobby (Guitar Hero and a dancing game [not sure if it was Dance Dance Revolution]) was a really nice touch. It gave someplace for the kids to go to be occupied while the adults got checked in while it was still close enough to see.