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This time next week I'll be asleep at Pop Century. Going to start my pre-trip report. I am so excited. I am sure this week will be eternal for me but we do have lots of baseball to keep us busy.

First, the boys are getting excited. Tristan has already started packing haha! I will need to make a few adjustments to his suitcase :) Josh is excited b/c he will be out of school for a week lol. I have to admit, Im getting a little nervous about the plane ride!! All in all, we are so ready for Saturday!! Thank you all for everything you've done to help me prepare for this trip.

More to come =)

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Hey Rebecca,

We have to exchange contact info and try to meet up some time early on in the trip :) I'll PM you my e-mail address and US cell phone number to text...

My 12 yr old is coming after all, and if he can "accidentally" run into another boy his age, he'd have a friend. My 5 and 9 yr olds can fight over your youngest!

Getting excited!!!! Lizanne


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We are expecting major severe weather on Friday in Alabama. Our plane isnt until Saturday morning so I hope there wont be any left over rain/wind/storms...


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Have a great trip!!! What are the ages of your boys?


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I know you'll have a great time! I really don't like the few days before a vacation, I spend every waking hour wondering if I've forgotten anything and worrying about what I major think I could be forgetting.

I don't know why I do it, I've got these great lists just so I don't forget things, but still my brain goes on overdrive. Hope you're not like that and you're just enjoying the anticipation of a great vacation!


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No need to be nervous... you'll be fine! The weather looks like it is going to be awesome while we're there!