Animal Kingdom Plan--Which is best plan?


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We (6 adults--2 are my parents in their mid 70s, 2 kids (11,7) will be at Animal Kingdom on Monday 11/12. AK opens with EMH at 8 am. Trying to decide the best time to arrive at AK. We have fast pass for KS at 10:25, Tiffins at 11:30, FofP at 2:25, and EE at 3:50 and plan to stay through the first River of Light showing.

Option 1
1. Arrive at Rope drop and go to Navi River Journey
2. Go to KS FP at 10:25
3. Lion King 11:00
4. Tiffins 11:30
5. FofPassage FP 2:25
6. EE FP 3:25
7. Finding Nemo Musical 4
8. Kali River Rapid 5
9. River of Light first viewing

Option 2---
1. arrive later at 10 and go straight to Kilimanjaro Safari FP 10:25
2. Go to Lion King sow at 11
3. Lunch at Tiffins 11:30
4. Navi River Journey Standby
5. F of Passage FP 2:25-3:25

Option 2 would allow us to sleep in and my parents not be as rushed but just wondering the wait time to get on Navi in mid afternoon and how likely it would be.


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I wouldn't be willing to ride Navi standby at 1:30 pm ever. It's cute to ride end of night or with a FP when you have a short wait. But definitely not worth a 100 minute wait midday. I'd either do it at RD, get in line at park close, or find a 4th FP. If none of those things are possible we would skip it.

Also with a 10:25 KS FP you are unlikely to make 11 am Lion King show. Even with FP Safari is often a 40-45 minute start to finish. We had a FP for safari and started an hour before the next Lion king show and did not make it.


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I don't think you'd make your Tiffin's after the 11:00 Lion King either.... I would say

10:00 Lion King
EE (start looking for a NRJ FP as soon as you tap in, but unlikely to find a group of 6... maybe look for groups of 2 or 3?)
Kali (if you want to... depending on weather....)
then NRJ, assuming you didn't get a FP


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Thanks for the advice. The earliest showing of Lion King on 11/12 is 11 am. Is a 10:00 showing likely to be added? If not, do you think I would have enough time after eating at Tiffins at 11:30 to make the 2:00 Lion King show and then head down to FOP before my FP window ends. The FP is 2:25-3:25. Trying to save my parents who are in their 70s extra steps.


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What time would I need to get in line for the Navi River Journey if I waited until end of night? What time do they no longer allow people to get in line if park closes at 8 pm?


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not sure on adding a show - but probably not, since you are only a couple of weeks out. But yes, you should be able to make the 2:00 show and still hit your window with no problem (show is about 30 min, then time to get out and walk to Pandora). Keep in mind there is also a "grace period" - better not to count on it, but you "should" be able to actually use a FP from 5 min before to 10 min after your window. Probably wouldn't make Nemo at 4:00 though. Maybe swap that and Kali if there is a 5:00 show?

You can get in line for a ride until just before close (so maybe 7:55, just to be safe). Once you hit 8:00, 100% of ride capacity is going to the standby line, so things will move quicker than they would earlier in the day.