Any Issues with Undercover Tourist Tickets?


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I'm planning on purchasing park hoppers for a September trip to WDW and wanted to know if anyone has anything bad to say about Undercover tourist. The 6 day pass is $45 cheaper than the WDW site itself.


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I've purchased many times from them, and have never had an issue. They're professional and reliable.


I have purchased both Disney and Universal tickets from them numerous times without any problems. Have always been able to link them to our MDE account without any problems too. I have also recommended them to others who have used them and not had problems.


Ditto the above responses. We've purchased PH from UT and when we got to WDW we went to Guest Services and upgraded them to APs with no trouble at all. It's a good deal.
Haven’t used our tix yet, but ordered with UT for our upcoming trip. Got e-tickets and it was super easy to link them to my MDE account. If you subscribe to the mousesavers newsletter there is a slight discount from UT - the link is in each months newsletter that goes out on the 15th.


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I nearly always buy my tickets from them, have always been happy w/them, and they have been in business a LONG time.


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We have purchased from them many times and I'd purchase from them again. One time we had an issue with expiration dates on the tickets and they were very good about offering to take the tickets back if we wanted to exchange them. We didn't end up deciding to do it because the dates did work out in the end and it would have been a minor hassle to do the return. But I appreciated they were willing to do a return because legally they didn't have to offer us anything, they were non-refundable tickets. The one down side is we would have had to pay return shipping and I felt like the error in the original transaction was more on their side than on mine (which was born out by the fact the person on the phone said "lots of people missed those expiration dates"). But again, they were not legally required to do anything at all and I was not completely blameless, I could have clicked down through 3 screens to be diligent about checking and double checking expiration dates.

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They are an authorized Disney ticket reseller and as such, completely, 100% reliable. They must stand by their sells or will loose the ability to resell tickets for Disney.
We have used them, and others, depending on who has the better deal at the time. They are all equally as reliable. I will use any again that fits our needs. I haven't bought tickets from Disney in over 8 years.