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Hi All! we just got back from a week’s stay in the Finding Nemo Suites. There were 6 of us, my wife and I and 4 kids ages 10-18. Looking at videos prior I was a little worried that space might be tight but we were very comfortable. It was awesome having a bedroom where we could close the door and two full bathrooms. The beds were plenty big and comfortable for all the kids, I think the murphy bed might have even been more comfortable than the bed in the bedroom.
The resort was pretty crowded being Easter week, I was worried about noise but when we were in our suite we didn’t hear a peep. I couldn’t even tell you for sure if the suites on either side were occupied. It may have been louder facing the pool but we were on the top floor perpendicular to the pool facing the front of the resort, it also gave us a great view of the Epcot? Fireworks.
The resort was clean, you would walk out in the morning and it had clearly been cleaned overnight. The food court was decent, offering a good variety. Nothing earth shattering but we had a decent breakfast and a few good snacks. It was pretty crowded at times but manageable. We took bus service every day and it was pretty convenient. I don’t think we waited more than 20 minutes for a bus. We took a taxi one day because we had a breakfast ADR and we left a little late and the line for the MK bus was really long but otherwise no issues. There seemed to be more buses for Magic Kingdom than other parks but that’s to be expected I guess. We only went to the pool once, it was crowded but not overly so and seemed like it would be great for the kids. Seemed like the CM's were always running activities for the kids as well every time we walked past.
All in all it was such a wonderful trip, it was my first trip back to Disney in about 30 years! Both my wife and I are hooked and our planning our trip back for our 10[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary. For our family it worked great, being able to have a suite that fit us all really was ideal. We are more a park experience type family so we didn’t spend a ton of time in our room or at the resort but for us it worked great and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
Glad to hear you had a good time! We've stayed in a LK suite twice now with 4 kids ranging from 8-24 (on the first trip). The suites work very well for us. We even usually have 2 air mattresses in the room because none of the kids sleeps well if they're sharing a bed. We've always had very good luck with the buses and I kept meticulous notes on our trip last June. The longest we waited for a bus going to or from AoA was 22 minutes -- and that was only because the bus that arrived in 10 minutes was full by the time everyone in front of us loaded so we decided to stand to the side and wait for the next bus because we didn't feel like standing on the bus (it already looked packed to the gills). Oddly, the driver told us he couldn't leave if there was still space on the bus and there were people waiting in line (the 8 or 10 people behind us decided to wait for the next bus as well) so we all had to literally get out of line and walk away so he would leave. That was at MK and that was the only time that happened (that the driver wouldn't leave if there were people in line).

I agree that the murphy bed in the suite is more comfortable than the bed in the master bedroom. I always have to call housekeeping to bring me an extra blanket that I fold up and make into a makeshift pillow topper for my side of the mattress. My husband thinks the firmness of the mattress in the bedroom is perfect, but to me it's way too firm. I feel bruised after sleeping on it for one night.

We're staying in a Nemo suite in June and we're really looking forward to another stay at AoA.
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I'm impressed you guys all fit comfortably. I'd love to stat at AoA someday. I love the theming. Did your kids enjoy the pools?


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We only went to the big blue pool twice, we were pretty on the go! the kids enjoyed it but I think it was overshadowed by the rest of the trip a bit more. Would loved to have been able to work in a rest/pool day at the resort.