AP Bring-A-Friend offer and ticket window times


I'm planning to take advantage of the current Bring a Friend promo for AP holders. We will have to buy tickets for my friend at the ticket window since the tickets have to be used the date of purchase. We would still like to RD, so is it possible to get through the ticket line and in line for RD before they start allowing people into the parks (specifically HS and EP)? What time would you suggest arriving at the ticket window? I can't find a specific opening time for ticket sales. I assume it's before park opening but can't confirm. This is for Sept 29-30, which are the last two days of the promo, if you think that will make a difference.



Staff member
I don't think you'll have any problems buying tickets early. There are typically few people interested before rope drop. I'd be there by 8am if you are rope dropping a high priority. Figure 10 minutes to buy the tickets and you're in line plenty early.