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I am thinking of purchasing annual passes this year. We are arriving on a Wednesday night in January and planning to go to Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom the next morning. Am I correct that you need to activate the annual passes at guest services before the first time you use them? Or do they automatically attach to your magic band if you have purchased them via the website? If we do have to activate them at the park before first use will there be someone at guest services that early since we will be there at 7 or so to get to EMM and regular park open will not be until 9:00? How much time should I allot for this procedure? If I buy the AP now online does your year start from the time of purchase (today) or the first time we use them (January 16). Thanks for the help!


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Yes you have to activate your AP in person at guest services or a ticket booth before you can enter the park. Either at the park or Disney springs. It can't be done online or at a hotel.

Yes someone will be there who can activate your AP before EMM. I would be at security at MK at 7 am. That should be plenty of time and people usually start showing up in large numbers about 7:15

Expiration is based on the day you activate.
Is there a reason you need to start with APs? I like getting some other type of ticket and upgrading on the first day after I've entered the park. If you're offsite and paying to park, they'll even reimburse your parking.


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In addition to the good answers above, I would say that if you are really concerned about it you could activate the night before, though it means you lose a day in January 2021 at the end of your pass (which only matters if you are actually trying to have a trip then too). We normally arrive mid-day and activate them APs in the afternoon rather than trying to do it at RD.

For the timing, we have had the activation take ~10 minutes (for 4 of us), but another time it was more like 30-40 minutes including a wait just to talk to someone (at 4pm), and we almost missed a FP+ because of it (though the CM was great about it, and gave us one since they saw we had one coming up soon).

Yes, they will be connected to your MB already, which you can see even before activating.

We will actually be activating our new APs on Jan 18th (which we bought many months ago before the last price increase), so we will be on the same AP schedule as you. We are then planning a trip the following year which ends on Jan 18th so we can get 2 major trips out of one set of APs. (this will be our 4th every-other-year AP, but 8 years of trips on them)


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Thanks for all the great advice! It would have been ideal to activate fast passes the day before but we are not getting in until 10 pm. This is mostly a trip about soccer as my son has a tournament over the weekend. We are coming in Thursday to get a full park day before the tournament so I am trying to maximize that day. We will also do a family trip in the summer which is why the fast passes make financial sense. I was trying to do it day of because I may be able to get a discount on hotel if I purchase now? We are staying at Polynesian. If we can’t maybe I’m better served getting a one day ticket and then just adding the annual pass after EMM. Although that seems like a pain. If the AP activation went smoothly that would seem the best option. Anyway I have to decide soon as the 60 day window is coming up.