April 2021 Ride capacity limits


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Hi everyone. Long time. I am here at Disney for my DD16 and DD13 cheer competition. Instead of a traditional AgentP live post - I thought would report on capacity limits of each ride. Josh has done a fabulous job of keeping us updated on the ever changing capacity limits on rides. i will post a first hand view of this over the next 6 days.

First up AK - April 28 ‘21
Everest - full capacity except single rider. 90% ish
dinosaur - up to 67% capacity - not filling middle row. each row Is one family. 50-67% ish
navi - near full capacity but both rows are individual parties. So maybe slightly less when pairs or singles are loading. 85% ish
safari - full capacity But one row to each party. 80% ish.
Flights of passage - tough to tell - our load was about 75%. Skipping seat on each party but I also think they are not loading all rooms and that habit of skipping seats is not consistent.

safari and FoP had the longest waits of the day, but FoP was not crazy high (tracked to roughly same wait all day as safari). Dino was abnormally long. Everest was very short. Navi (Is boring) but seemed to fair better than normal.

more to come.


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Hollywood Studios - April 29, 2021
Slinky - loading full capacity
Smugglers - close to full, not loading odd number groups together.. probably 80-90% capacity
Rock and Roller - regular capcity without single rider - 90% ish.
Star Tours - not loading row 2 or 4 and 2ish parties per row that is loaded.. estimated 30-45% capacity
Minnie Mickey Runaway railway - loading all rows, but only individual parties.. 80-90% ish
Rise of Resistance - loading all rows but only individual parties.. 80-90% ish
Toy Story - full capacity

Note: Tower of Terror was super long - we did not ride. Has to be loading less than 50% I would think. Will try again in a few days

EPCOT - April 29, 2021
Test Track - loading 1 group per row - 65-80% ish capacity
Soarin - dividers on each row to separate groups - Soarin cast was struggling to do the math at least when we rode - 60-70% capacity
Spaceship Earth - full capacity
Three Caballeros - skipping at least every other row. 50ish or maybe less capacity


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- Soarin cast was struggling to do the math at least when we rode - 60-70% capacity
I wish I knew how they decide where to put people in line. I have never been on B 1 and would REALLY love a chance.

Thank you for the information!


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Did they stick two different parties in the same vehicle on Spaceship Earth?


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Pre-COVID, we always asked to be seated there. They had a separate "holding" area for people who are willing to wait for it. We never waited more than one load cycle.
It’s different now - we tried to request the middle and they were fairly strict. Again tough to tell if was just out experience or what they are doing now consistently.


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Did they stick two different parties in the same vehicle on Spaceship Earth?
One party per vehicle. We boarded last night just two of us with another pair behind us and each had their own vehicle.


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Few other updates.
Land had plastic dividers on each row. We didn’t visit when it was busy enough but looked to be full cacpcity.
Figment - no dividers - wasn’t busy enough to see what they were doing but if I had to speculate - one party per vehicle making the capacity about 40-50 pct


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DHS - may 1, 2021
Tower of terror - not loading middle row (3 and 4). Plastic divider not taking extra seats in first and back row. One party per section (up to 4 parties per car). 40-65 pct capacity depending on party breakdown / math.